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NeoShinGundam's blog

1:28 PM on 10.28.2013

NYC Gaming Forum Demo October 2013 Impressions

I apologize for almost being a week late with this post, but my life was quite busy last week. Before I head out to NYC's inaugural Playtest Night (what I thought were the Demo Nights initially), I figured I'd get this writte...   read

9:59 PM on 09.25.2013

NYC Gaming Forum Demo September 2013 Impressions

Here are my reactions to the games featured at this month's NYC Gaming Forum Demo which took place on September 24, 2013. You check out the other events by the group here: NYC Games Forum - Mage's Initiation: Reig...   read

8:47 PM on 09.25.2013

Intro Blog

So I keep hearing that we're supposed to write an Intro Blog, but I couldn't find any guidelines. Whatever. I really need to move on so that I can write the entry I came here for. The Zombie-Bodhisattva. I go by NeoShinGu...   read

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