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1:28 PM on 10.28.2013

NYC Gaming Forum Demo October 2013 Impressions

I apologize for almost being a week late with this post, but my life was quite busy last week. Before I head out to NYC's inaugural Playtest Night (what I thought were the Demo Nights initially), I figured I'd get this written-up and posted.

Flick a Fruit was developed by Akash Garg in Blender. It's made to teach kids about healthy eating. You flick fruit that's flowing down a river into the monster's mouth. If you flick junk food (like a donut) the monster dies INSTANTLY!!! A bit harsh if you ask me. It's cute but otherwise unremarkable. Now available on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Cutiebots is a sort-of "reverse Nightmare Before Christmas" as described by Lawrence Mascia. Here, the nightmare world haas been invaded by cuteness, and things are slowly being "corrupted". The play-style is like the Knuckles sections of Sonic & Knuckles, only at a slower running speed. You can switch between 2 characters at any time, swapping speed for damage or vice-versa. Nice, but not really grabbing me. Available on iPad now with a planned Android release.


Jeff Hampton and Be The Video Game Developer were (for me) the standouts of the night. The "game" was made in partnership with Dell and the Girl Scouts to teach young girls to make a video game. The website features no typing, and is completely free. Users create the game from various pre-selected modules and then compile it. Users can even click to see the Java code underneath the GUI to see what their changes actually do. Completed products are saved to the server and can be sent to others via an email link. THIS, not electronic text-books is how video games can improve methods of education.


Writer Seth Scott was on hand to present the demo for the game based on his upcoming novel Dust Eaters. It's a survival-focused zombie FPS developed by a husband and wife-team. It actually DOES look like a better game than AMC's The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Although the story that Scott hinted at was interesting (the zombies skin rots off, but not their muscles) the game could easily be mistaken for an above-average Garry's Mod. Personally, I'm passing on the game and keeping an eye open for the novel.

Touch Dungeon

Colin Fuller's One Button Dungeon (formerly known as Touch Dungeon) is a 8-bit rogue-like game with procedural generation. The graphics are simple, but identifiable. The music is what I remember most and Fuller said that he created it with a program called [u]FruityLoops[/u]. It was quite catchy, but not enough for me to download the game to my phone. It's currently free to Android and Windows Phone users.

The final demo couldn't be shown as theere were technical difficulties with the video-link. Truth be told, I was pretty tired by that point and was glad not to have to sit through another demo. Still, looking at the game's iPhone/iPad store page makes it look like a fun blend of tower defense and turn based strategy. If I ever get an iPad, maybe I'll take a another look at it.

That's all for this month's Demo Night. And now, Super Meat Slam!!

[/b][/center]   read

9:59 PM on 09.25.2013

NYC Gaming Forum Demo September 2013 Impressions

Here are my reactions to the games featured at this month's NYC Gaming Forum Demo which took place on September 24, 2013. You check out the other events by the group here: NYC Games Forum -

I arrived late, so the demo was almost finished. It looks like a traditional point-and-click adventure game. The interesting thing that Nicole Darabian mentioned is that since the met their KickStarter stretch goals, there will be 4 types of magic (air, water, earth, fire) with unique skills for each. This then leads to each class of mage solving puzzles/challenges in a different manner. If they can pull it off, it'll be quite the accomplishment. Game will be published on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

[font=verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Get Water! [for India][/font]

This an endless runner staring a "strong female protagonist" as described by developer Angelique Mannella. The game looks similar to Kirby's Canvas Course in that you draw lines to alter Maya's path through the side-scrolling level. What's interesting here is that the developer has teamed with Charity: Water to bring awareness to water scarcity issues in India. In-app purchases of course act as donations directly to Charity: Water.

This is the most interesting demonstration that I saw that night. A triptych is an art piece that opens and closes, with different scenes on the interior and exterior of the surface. Brian Chung and GJ Lee's project is inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch. Yes, THAT Hieronymous Bosch. There's an element of Black and White to the piece, as viewers will be able to touch various objects on the screen to manipulate them. Touching clouds removed them. Remove enough clouds and asteroids appear. Touch the asteroids to make them disappear. Touch too many in a single go and they're replaced by FALLING asteroids. Although still a prototype, the final version will be linked to actual time, date and weather information to its installation's location. This is something that I have no problem calling a true Art-Game, as it has more in common with an interactive painting than a "barely interactive walky-walky game".

Developers Carolina Moya and Kyron Ramsey describe this as "a metroidvania meets Devil May Cry". It seems an apt description and I'm interested since it looks easier than Roque Legacy and the artstyle is nice and cartoony. 2 characters are available already and the devs said that the next 2 characters will be released as free DLC. Each one has a unique (but intertwined) storyline and vastly different playstyle. Will definitely be keeping my eye out on this one.

Uhh ... Well, if you thought this game is based on the film Kingdom of the Spiders starring William Shatner, you will be sadly disappointed. The game is the product of Chris McGlade's solo work. It's a Half-Life [1]-esq FPS game where you shoot giant spiders. It's free to download off his website, but I think we would both understand if you chose not to.

The brothers who developed Organic Panic! didn't have a working demo to show the crowd. Instead, they talked about their success-from-the-jaws-of-defeat KickStarter project. They said that their conversion rate of visitors to backers was only 1 in 40, and that they didn't even reach their half-way point until 2 days before deadline. As for the game itself, I got a Worms-vibe from watching the trailer, but the devs said it was more like Little Big Planet with its fully destructible environments and world-editing.

Final thoughts

This was the first Demo Night that I attended and I wish I had heard of these sooner. They're a great place to see small developers showing their amazing work. (Yes, even Arachnophobia when you remember it's just one amateur doing all the work) I'm honestly excited to go to the next one, and I hope you guys check out some of these titles. if you want to join me at the next MeetUp, drop me a line in the comments along with which of these games you find most interesting.

And now I leave you with Everywhere You Slam:


8:47 PM on 09.25.2013

Intro Blog

So I keep hearing that we're supposed to write an Intro Blog, but I couldn't find any guidelines. Whatever. I really need to move on so that I can write the entry I came here for.

The Zombie-Bodhisattva.

I go by NeoShinGundam, and I'm a 28 year old American male. I've played video games most of my life; and although I have no intentions of making them, I am always interested in where they are headed.

I enjoy most types of games with the exception of sports titles (sorry Samit). Some of my favorites are StarCraft, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and the Marvel vs Capcom series.

After numerous failed ideas, I'm starting up this c-blog to bring attention to some gems I discovered at the recent NYC Gaming Forum Demo. These events occur once a month, so I plan on covering them as Destructoid's un-official correspondent. I'll try to post other things in between then, but can't make any promises.

Now with all of this out of the way, on with the show!!

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