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11:47 PM on 11.17.2008

Why the death of my PS3 has proven that Sony has lost their way

This past Saturday, a dear member of my family died, the PS3. I have to say it was an odd feeling. The low failure rate and the lifespan of my previous Sony consoles led me to an apparently false sense of security. There were no warnings, no symptoms; it just stopped working. So onward to the actual point of this all.

On Sunday I called Sony to find out if they had any ideas that may resurrect it or if I had any other options. Apparently I had entirely too high of expectations going into the call. The service reps were reading straight off of the service website and had no experience with the systems or ability to think outside of their written guides. They were rude and showed no interest in trying to help. The service rep was completely willing to tell me I just had an overheating problem and I needed to cool the unit off. When I informed her that wasn't possibly the issue she became agitated and we were "disconnected". I called back and the service agent I got the second time was at best hung over, but at least we were able to get through the process of submitting an order for refurbishing my system.

This was one of the most disappointing service calls I have ever made. Maybe it was because I called during the weekend or maybe it was really just a bad day, but I was simply appalled. I suppose I have never really heard much good about Sony's customer support, but my one other experience with them was great. It just seemed unreasonable that the reps (with the exception of the billing agent, she was nice) were rude and couldn't even feign interest in what they were doing.

Sony has really start getting their act together. They have consistently made choices and taken stands that have made them the laughing stock of this generation. I love my PS3, that is why I am willing to shell out 149 bones to have her fixed. SCEJ/A have lost their way and it has seeped into every aspect of their organization. It is truly sad.

Also, ridiculously long title.   read

12:47 AM on 04.25.2008

No Show this week . . Sorry folks

If you have been waiting with baited breath for this week's chunk of Gamer's Ledge chewy goodness, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. Looks like we will be taking this week off. While we may not have the ol' Marksman back yet next week, we will put something out. Sorry all - But here's music

Apocalyptica featuring Corey Taylor - I'm not Jesus

Ludo - Love Me Dead - (I seriously NEED this in RB)   read

10:34 AM on 04.20.2008

Gamer's Ledge Podcast 064 - 04.18.08 - Home Alone, Spring Break Edition!

Simple first blog ever is a simple blog

Gamer's Ledge podcast for the last week:

064 - 04.18.08 - Home Alone, Spring Break Edition!

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