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Neo Gio's blog

8:34 PM on 07.15.2010

Things you can buy with $60 Dollars

Things you can buy with $60 Dollars A lot of us have gone through this moment, we buy a new released title hoping for hours of entertainment for your hard earned money, and...the games sucks. Whether you were mislead by Meta...   read

1:02 AM on 01.02.2010

BEST OF 2009

What were your best gaming memories of 2009? Neo Gio from Rewind Replay tells his, why don't you tell yours? Post a comment!   read

3:21 AM on 11.08.2009

New Mario Bros Wii vs. Modern Warfare 2

At first when I heard this, I thought that my brains would explode from laughter. However, after I recovered some oxygen, I thought that he could be right. Now you are probably thinking that I am crazy right. Well if you lo...   read

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