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8:34 PM on 07.15.2010

Things you can buy with $60 Dollars

Things you can buy with $60 Dollars

A lot of us have gone through this moment, we buy a new released title hoping for hours of entertainment for your hard earned money, and...the games sucks. Whether you were mislead by MetaCritics number system, or just tried "something different," you feel like you got ripped off. In the past I have work for multiple game stores, and the policy was always the same "No return of new opened merchandise." I had customers who were pissed, call me names, and called the manager (who said the same thing I did.) Can't really blame them, had I never worked in retail I might had done the same. Point being that these days $60 is a lot of money, and a little research can save you a lot of money and time. But this is not what this article is about, it's about the things you can do with the money you threw away.

Sign up For Gamefly for 6 months

Gamefly is one of publishers worst nightmares, but for gamers this little service is awesome. Being able to rent games without having to leave the comfort of your couch and have to interact with "humans" is awesome. If you take advantage of this service you can not only play a lot of cool games without the fear of losing money, but you can seriously boost your achievement score (if you care for type of crap). If you haven't sign up for this service, I highly suggest you try it.

Buy a lot of good games

Just because a game may be old doesn't mean the game is no good. Hell the other day I popped in Ninja Gaiden for NES and spent 6 hours trying to beat the damn thing (result is that I did). If you stop by your local game store, or shop online you can get some amazing games for cheap these days. You be surprised on how cheap some great title can be. Don't forget that your Wii can play Gamecube games, a lot of Xbox games play on your 360, and that if you sold your PS2 to Gameslop you got ripped off.

Here's all the games you can get.

Resident Evil 4 (~$12.00)
Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 (~$7.00)
Super Smash Brothers melee (~$12.00)
Pikmin (~$10.00)
Madworld (~$6.00)
Mirror's Edge (~$4.50)
Metroid Prime (~$5.00)
Buy games 4800 Microsoft points/ 6000 Wii points/ $60 Playstation card.

Digital distribution is growing, not to the point where it can substitute hard copy but it's getting noticed. The great thing about digital download is that you can buy a game at 2 a.m. in the morning and play for hours without having to get out of your seat even ONCE! If you got a decent PC, steam always have some crazy deals. And don't even get me started on some of the games you can buy for your console, let me give you a little list.

Super Smash Bros (Wii ware)
Catlevania - Symphony of the Night (XBL, PSN)
Mega Man 9 or 10 (XLB/PSN/Wii ware)
Super Metroid (Wii Ware)
Castle Crashers (XBL)
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (XBL/PSN)
Worms 2 Armageddon (XBL).

Take your girlfriend for a nice dinner

Who am I kidding.

Get creative and spend your money wisely, try to find deals on video games, Cheap Ass Gamer is a great website for that. Don't forget about Gamestop's super cool and super exploitable 7 day return policy on used games. Find reviewers that have same taste as yours, remember a review is always based on the reviewers opinion. Play some old games for a change, you don't always have to play games that have just came out. Remember video games are for entertainment, don't get pressured into playing a bad game just because you spent $60 on it, your time and money is precious, use it wisely.

Source: Rewind
Written by Neo Gio

1:02 AM on 01.02.2010

BEST OF 2009

What were your best gaming memories of 2009? Neo Gio from Rewind Replay tells his, why don't you tell yours? Post a comment!

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3:21 AM on 11.08.2009

New Mario Bros Wii vs. Modern Warfare 2

At first when I heard this, I thought that my brains would explode from laughter. However, after I recovered some oxygen, I thought that he could be right.

Now you are probably thinking that I am crazy right. Well if you look at the numbers, there is still much more Nintendo Wii out there than any other console. Of course I don't expect everyone that have Wii to buy this game, but if you think about it, what’s the upcoming "good" titles for the Wii this holiday season? There is Lego Indiana Jones (If you like that kind of crap), Tony Hawk Ride (If you got a wallet full cash, and medical insurance), Resident Evil Dark Side Chronicles (If you like games where you can't move) and finally there's Modern Warfare Reflex (which I have no idea what it looks like).

Chances are that most people are going to be buying New Mario Bros for two reasons, first one being lack of good titles to spend money on, second being everybody fucking loves Mario (and Yoshi, but not you Luigi).

Therefore, if you think about it it is not impossible for NSMB to outsell MW2 on the PS3. However, it is not something I would put my money on. What do you think? Is it going to outsell? Is Reggie on drugs? Am I on drugs (Yes BTW).

If you missed GameTrailers TV, you can still watch it over at Gametrailers.

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