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Nekro's Obligatory Cat Blog

As some of you are aware, Destructoid has been rolling out some controversial new changes to their Community Blog features. One such feature is to allow users to upvote and - in the future - downvote a blog more than once dep...


Nekro’s Top 5 Sexiest Dtoid-ers

As you can probably tell, this blog was very much created in response to Fenriff’s ‘Scientifically Proven 5 Sexiest Dtoiders’ blog. Unlike Mr. Fenriff, however, I feel so comfortable with my scientific ...


A Filthy, Disgusting "SJW's" Perspective...

First and foremost, I’d like to get this out of the way: I’m really tired of this entire argument that’s been going on recently about “Gamers” VS “SJWs.” I’m just sick of it all. But I do still have an opinion on the subject ...


The Day I'll Accept DRM

With the recent debacle involving the game DarkSpore and horrible game launches like SimCity and Diablo III where the game was inaccessible for many players thanks to problems arising from DRM, it is clear that DRM has beco...


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Oh look, an egomaniacal anime fan who talks about his dick a little too often.

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