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Necro BABS avatar 1:46 PM on 09.08.2009  (server time)
How to Improve Gaming Communities: An Open Letter

How to Improve Gaming Communities: An Open Letter

Dear Publisher X,

I am writing to you because I believe that your company has been promoting hate and laziness. For a couple if months, I have watched, NO! I have battled with myself on trying to get away from the pull of video games. I am not addicted, but I am writing because I believe you are to blame for my state of health. For years I have been a healthy member of a community of FPS gamers that meet weekly online for some friendly games. Yet, as time has gone on, I have seen a drastic change in the attitude of my fellow gamers. When I started gaming, I loved playing for the win, but never trying to attack or “tea-bag” my fallen opponents. As in real life, you have to say "good game" to the losing team. Never has this come across in online competition, and I personally blame you. This is not a false idea, no we have talked about it, but I am the only one who recently has been assaulted by this online community that you and your games have helped create.

The company that you work for, X Games, has been putting out the same FPS shooter for years. Each year the company you work for puts out a “new” chapter in the franchise. But when you look back upon the various games in said “franchise,” they come off as weak re-skins or outright lazy level editing. But once your game is released, the people who defend and cherish your game come out of their caves and eat it up. At first, if I remember correctly, you had a single player campaign early on in the game's childhood. But as time went on, the online community that you helped create took over the beast you designed. So now this “newest” incarnation has no single player campaign at all, just a multiplayer sequel. What I am trying to get at is simple, by recycling the same, old, tired and generally flawed FPS game; you have had a hand in its community. And may I add,, what a “wonderful” community that is.

Never in my life have I considered myself a thin-skinned person. Yet, as I ventured into an older edition of your game, I was greeted with the warmth of hostility and vile that is only reserved for those whose place in hell is deepest. The amount of hate and bigotry that comes from those so-called “people” is horrible and you should be ashamed of yourself. The constant flow of the same game gives these people the added leverage and ability to dominate the weaker players and or casual ones. By giving the community the “Food” they need for continual life, you are destroying one's fun and building a greater beast. So I guess I am asking for you to stop making the same game, and in essence create something new.

I know it may be hard, because from the looks of your other titles; nothing has sold as well as this franchise has. As an avid gamer, it pains me that creativity is frowned upon in this industry over what sells. If you could help drive some new stuff down the creative pipe, this could act like a breath of fresh air. The FPS you create has given you some money to screw around with it. There has to be some kind of creative bone in your body with which to brew something up. Would you want your son or daughter to hear what you have had a hand in creating? Take the first step, the company you work for has enough clout, that by doing this and stopping production, you could bring in another era of gaming. I mean, make it work in your favor that you could get more girls gaming - something that has suffered by your company’s hands. I am not asking for a 100+ RPG or a great old school hack slash, but just anything different from the formula that I am pretty sure even you are tired of re-hashing.

In the end, I am personally blaming you and your company for the attitudes of the online community that you have help create. Perhaps if you read this letter and have some spark of creativity, you will listen. But I am afraid that you will just gloss over it, like the community glosses over the insults and/or feelings of the people on the other end. I thought I was out of high school and away from the childness of cliques and elitists. Yet, as I finish this letter, I am drawn back to the online community which I am afraid, thanks to companies like you, will never change.

A Jaded Gamer

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