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Nathsies avatar 5:21 PM on 01.04.2013
Why I've not been around so much.

Thereís a reason I havenít posted much not so often, or not at all, in the last few months and itís down to a singular reason. This reason has sucked up more time than anything. I fully expect my impending exams to do the same thing, so donít expect a massive HARDISTY BLOWOUT just yet.

As you know, Iím only eighteen years old. Iím doing my A-levels, the stuff you do the year before you gallivant off to university.

Hereís the reason Iíve been hiding in case I got too excited and jumpy up and downy about it. Iím a History boy, if thatís not apparent already, and Iíve wanted to study History at university for a good while now. I got a few offers back quite suddenly after my application butÖ

I also applied for Cambridge back in October out of trying to see if I could charm my way in. I had to write essays, extra questionnaires and read myself to death. I got an interview for the next month which went swimmingly well in which I discussed topics ranging from apocalyptic fiction birthed by the Black Death and Lyndon B Johnsonís penis. I kid you not. Since then Iíve been panicking, crying and pretty much dying in terms of motivation.

Today I received a letter from Churchill College, you apply to the university and to a college within, stating that they have given me an offer of A*AA.

Quite frankly, Iíve spent the day in locked-in disbelief, shock and a general Ďglass case full of emotionsí.

This is why my time has been diverted to other areas, this is why I have spent so long just cursing at myself and generally being self-deprecating and this is why I have yet to really established any pattern or schedule of content.

But, yes, I did it.

Expect waxings to pick up after the exam period. Early February probably. But for now know that, well, 2013 has started for me in an incredible place.



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