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I'm Nathan Hardisty, an author, ex-editorial writer for, ex-games writer at Screenjabber. I now write for a variety of sites on the internet while still updating both my DTOID blog and my regular blog, which can be found below.

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Also I'm incredibly pretentious about video-games so beware. I might just hipsterblow your minds.

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Firstly, an apology.

Secondly, <3.

I have been extraordinarily busy to the point of which I've realized that all that 'time management' stuff I had before? Yeah? That doesn't matter anymore. I tried playing Skyrim for the first time in two weeks, enjoy myself you know, but it all got too much. I've been rushing and writing and writing so heavily. All my work has been consistent in its quality, thank god, but there's so much of it to do. Not talking about online commitments either, I am doing what us English folks call 'A-levels' and they aren't challenging in the content but they are in the quantity of work we get.


I did a blog post about book projects I'm currently working on to keep my writer-guy alive but... yeah... I'm sorry again for no critique corners but understand that I do love you all. I'll keep checking in now and then but I dunno if normality will ever return until maybe the summer. Then I'll pump 'em out, yeah? :D


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