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Nathsies avatar 5:48 PM on 10.04.2013  (server time)
A goodbye of sorts

Itís hard writing that but, well, itís not true! Iíll still be around! Youíve probably noticed Iíve neglected this silly olí bloggins for a good while (bloody Ďell Nathan) and thatís Ďcos a lot of stuff has been happen hapsin in my lyf and all that, know what I mean. Basically, lyk, itís over. Iím giving up. See you all never! Iím free!

In reality Iíll never be free from video-games. In reality I probably owe the next 3 years of my life to the fact that Iíve been writing for five years one month and a day. I probably owe a lot to it, and to you too. Quite blatantly Iíve never been on time with anything Iíve ever written.

Iím sorry for it and Iím more sorry Iím leaving.

The series I started a few years ago, Up, Down, Left, RightÖ is now done. Finished. PDF here. Done. FinishedÖ

I think it says all I need to say. Iím semi-retiring from video-game journalism for a few years. Except I kinda lied in that, well, my last piece wonít be that bloody book. Itíll be something on GTA V written for another website that wants me to run a few articles now and then.

While Iím here I should mention Iíll still be on Twitter and Flixist! Iím even doing a BLOODY FILM COLUMN for Flixist which is pretty totez cool.

TEARS IN RAIN 2 will be happening at some point. I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. Iíll have a few novels coming out in a little while.

But Iím going now. In like six hours I gotta wake up and go off to drive to Cambridge university. Maybe Iíll carry on blogging regularly, maybe I wonít. If I do, however, it shanít †be on silly video-games.

Iíll see you all very soon.

Flixist author page:†

Column:†[url= Weekly Analysis][/url]

Twitter: Nathardisty

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