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Nathan Evrard avatar 2:35 PM on 09.05.2012  (server time)
Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Data 04 September


Yesterday marked the first day that ArenaNet allowed me to view the trading post in Guild Wars 2. Though most people may not share my excitement on the subject it was of great joy to myself. Given my education in business and my interest in gaming it is a natural transition for me to study both at the same time. Going forward it is my hope to keep weekly tabs on the market and track it long term.


Being so early in the life cycle of the game some of the data is not very surprising. The prices listed on both of the charts presented work by listing the lowest tiered items on the left and moving up the tiers to the right. Given this set up, an economy that is steady should look something like this:

However, as can be seen above and below the current Guild Wars 2 data does not follow this trend.

As with any economy things are driven by supply and demand. With an influx of new players lower tiered items such as copper ore are in high demand while higher tiered items such as iron and silver have less demand. This results in a very interesting situation where teir 1 copper ore is worth the same amount as tier 4 platinum (Pro Tip: Sell Your Copper And Buy Platinum Now!). This will of course even out over time but there is a chance to make some easy money for anyone paying attention.

One note about the charts. They do not contain data on the top tier items Orichalum Ore and Gossamer Thread. This is because these items rarity has them trading a premium (425 and 850 respectively). Placing them on the chart simply renders it useless for our purpose.

UPDATE: I'm going to edit myself on this topic. My point of view on future values was predicated on the real world idea that precious metals are constantly in line with each other. However, as has been pointed out to me on various forums their are many other things at work in MMO's that have an effect on raw material prices. As such the end result will most definitely not be an even curve in any future charts.

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