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Nathan Evrard
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Guild Wars 2 Leveling System Is Spot On

The much anticipated release of ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 is finally here. The game has been in development for years and promises to make a big impact in the world of massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMO’s)....


Why I Play As Fem Shep

When games come around that offer me a choice between male and female characters it seems more often than not that my choice is to play a female. When asked why my initial answer is because if my time is going to spent sta...


In Video Games Ignorance Is Bliss

One of my fondest gaming memories as a child was learning about the Konami code. It was the first real cheat code that me and my friends were aware of. Every time Contra was booted we would enter the code and listen for ...


My First Cock Fight

Sleeping Dogs is the latest in a long line of Open World games and it carries on the tradition quite well. The game is set in a virtual version of Hong Kong and as with its predecessors includes plenty of stuff to do outsi...


Video Games As Art (An Essay)

“Video games will never be art” (Ebert, 2010). When famous movie critic Roger Ebert originally made this statement on his blog back in April of 2010 it caused a huge uproar and more importantly started a very philosophical...


3 Keys To Successful Online Stores

The rise of Free to Play (F2P) games has allowed individuals like myself who have short gaming attention spans to try out various games with no inherent risk involved. This is great as there are many good games out there t...


The Free To Play Business Model

The world of online gaming has seen a recent shift in the way business is done. The best example of this comes from the world of massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGS or MMO) for short. MMO's are games ...


About Nathan Evrardone of us since 1:43 PM on 08.06.2012

Besides being extremely handsome and agitating, I also enjoys writing about all things business related. My education consists of Bachelor's degrees in both Management and Marketing along with a good education from the school of hard knocks.

My true business passion lies in small business and all things virtual. My very first college paper was an economics paper on virtual economies and was poorly written. Now my writing is merely sub par. My inspiration and interest in all things virtual really started with the book Play Money by Julian Dibbell. It is a fascinating look into the underground economies that run behind the scenes.

My online work includes a business blog called Gerbil Voodoo that covers all things business related and a blog title Video Game Mojo. My online portfolio also includes two e-commerce stores, angrybirdsmarketplace and tissottimepieces. Both of which are partnerships with a good friend of mine who does most of the heavy lifting.

Feel free to drop me a line telling me how awesome I am or more realistically how awful my writing is. Hope to hear from you soon!

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