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NateT avatar 12:59 PM on 02.10.2010  (server time)
Some initial thoughts on Bioshock 2

I got to play Bioshock 2 a bit yesterday.

On the gameplay:

- Jims review seems spot on so far. The single player is a solid 8.5 to 9 so far. It is really fun. I have not played the multiplayer yet but am looking forward to it.

- Being a big daddy is not overpowering. Yes, you are more resilient than Jack was, but the Splicer AI is smarter (e.g. they know to take cover, they tend not to have a hair-trigger attack mechanism if they are alone, etc.) and even groups of 3 spicers are dangerous.

- I love the drill, no I really mean it, I love the drill.

- Having both the weapon and the plasmid out at the same time makes telekinesis allot better.

- Big Sister fights are tough, but not over the top hard, kind of like Big Daddy fights in the original Bioshock.

- The levels so far seem well designed. I am in Pauper's Drop and really like the feel and the design it has.

On the story, atmosphere, etc.

- There is no grand "Welcome to Rapture" moment like there was in the first game, that was a bit disappointing. The view and sets are still well done and are great to take a sec and look at. Sometimes you will even catch a mob looking out the window.

- I like Sinclair as a guide. He is easy going, a snake, but he does not represent himself as anything else more than that. I grew up in the South (Texas) in a town that had allot of old money, so I have met people IRL like him, so perhaps that is why he resonates with me.

- Dr. Lamb seems more of an Ice Queen (ironically) compared to Ryan's fire. Philosophically she is an evolutionary biologist with some critical theory and postmodernism thrown in. A fittingly ironic successor to Ryan in ways that go beyond the obvious.

- I am just in Pauper's Drop, the second large area, so take this for what it is worth, but the story seems pretty good and well developed so far. If you compare it to Neptune's Bounty (the second area in the first Bioshock) you know more about the cast of characters, but perhaps less of the overarching story.

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