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Namodacranks's blog

7:21 PM on 08.09.2011

Maybe I'm Not Hardcorez :(

Sooooo, this is the first one of these thingies I have ever done on Dtoid, and honestly, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. But whateves. Here I go.

I have always considered myself a hardcore Nintendork. I love Nintendo. Some of my best memories as a kid were of playing the 64 with my family. Mario Party sessions were really the only time I got to spend with my parents. Nintendo is much more than just a company to me. It's my childhood. But recently, I've been kindof... Questioning.

It all started out a couple of weeks ago. I was surfin' teh interwebz, when I just happened to cross upon a Nintendo news site I didn't recognize. I went on in, bookmarked, and liked on Facebook. Normal. All was well until a few days after, when I checked out the page on Facebook. Oh, BTW, it was called My Nintendo News. Anyway, it wasn't the page that made me snap out of my 'Nintendo is God' sort of thinking, it was some of the commenters... Some of the were just really annoying. I seriously felt a need to contradict everything they said. Most of the replys consisted of "OMGZ IZ SONY COPYD NINTENDO ALLMITY AGAIN??????", or "O LAWD NINTENDO IZ ONCE AGIAN LEEDING TEE GEAMZ INDESTRY!!! U CAN NOT DO RONG NINTENDO!!!". You get the idea. These people were ignorant bigots that got on my nerves. If you said ANYTHING bad about Nintendo, you were an Xbox troll. After a while, I realised that I was just like that... A couple of months ago, that was ME. I was banned from that page today. Getting banned from anything Nintendo is something I never thought would happen, but today, it did. My faith in Nintendo has died down a lot lately. Another thing I never thought would happen. And to be honest, that scares me. So far, I'm not too excited for the WiiU, and am dissapointed with the 3DS. My primary console now is the Xbox, something I was bashing just a year ago. Nintendo seems to have forgotten people like us. The real fans, not casuals. I don't want grow out of Ninty. I don't want to grow out of my childhood... But it seems to be happening more and more everyday.

Thanks for reading this guys! And please excuse any mistakes, I'm 12.   read

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