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Namelessted's blog

11:59 PM on 03.28.2008

13 Reasons Why GamesRadar is Retarded.

Ok, I am getting sick of GamesRadar. I mean, they have some good stuff from time to time, but they always get these stupid "Top (instert radnom number here)" lists and they all completely suck dick. And I have finally had it ...   read

1:26 AM on 03.28.2008

Fuck suff0catingsight

That's right. He kicked me from fucking stickam like the fucking dick face he is. Who does he think he is? He kicked me from the YAY! M&M'S! room. That room was created because of me in the first place. Had I not had my giant...   read

5:16 AM on 03.27.2008

Fuck Ron Workmeng, I call DIBS

You know what I am talking about.   read

4:08 PM on 03.15.2008

Turning Point Gaming Rig - New Rules Edition

Seriously, these fucking turning point gaming rig posts is making me go fucking nuts. I avoided the cblogs for a week thinking that they would have stopped and there are still 15 coming in every day. I am going to go fucking ...   read

3:50 PM on 03.15.2008

NVGR - hulu Has Gone Public.

Ok, hulu went public sometime last week, I think, but I just haven't had time to tell you all yet. I have been a part of the hulu beta for about 2 months or so and I have to say, its great. The big networks have finally rea...   read

12:33 PM on 03.15.2008

New Iron Man Video Game Trailer. TITS!

Ok, that was really weird. I had this whole post typed out about my orgasming over Iron Man and when i hit the "save + preview" button it all dissappeared. So now you only get a half orgasm from me. Basically, the new trailers makes me wet. I want it. It is beautiful. I hope the flying doesn't suck donkey dick like all the Superman games.   read

7:02 PM on 03.05.2008

Secret Service - Nobody Knows Yet, but this Game Will be Amazing

This game sounds freaking sweet to me. If you didn't figure it out from the blog header, the name of the game is called Secret Service, tentatively. It is in development by Tigon Studios. For those of you who don't know who...   read

4:53 PM on 03.04.2008

Steve Wiebe to Attempt Donkey Kong World Record Tomorrow.

This has me excited. I don't know if all of you have seen King of Kong, but if you haven't you need to do so. It is a documentary chronicling the journey of Steve Weibe as he attempts to break the world record on Donkey Kon...   read

3:23 PM on 03.04.2008

DESTRUCTOID CANCUN: I Have an Afro Edition

Seriously, just look at that thang. Everybody knows that drinking and having fun is always made better when there is a dude with an afro to join in the fun. Additionally, I don't drink stupid shit like banana martinis like ...   read

3:47 PM on 03.02.2008

Portal Turret Papercraft Amazing

Just look at that. It is simply amazing. I just came across this and I really want it. There is a pdf file to download right over here. I have no idea how to do papercraft but I am totally going to print out that pdf and start cutting stuff up. Hopefully I will have something close to resembling a turret when I finish. [via thexboxdomain]   read

1:57 PM on 02.29.2008


No additional text necessary. It is simply Clown Shoes formerly of that other video game blog owned by AOL. If you don't know who Clown Shoes is then you don't need to. This really has nothing to do with me and it in no w...   read

3:06 PM on 02.28.2008


I applied my super shitty shooping skills for 30 minutes in order to harass Cocktrez just for dtoid. It is one of my finest moments in life.   read

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