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Since I have this blog here, and I do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH IT, I decided I'd take a whack at doing something interesting, if for no other reason than to log it for myself to view and laugh at later.

So what am I doing? Dwarf Fortress. I've hear Anthony Burch mention it a few times, usually within a few words proximity to 'PhD' or 'genius'. My reasoning goes something like this: "Hey, my friends seem to think I'm pretty smart. I bet I could play this game" Shortly after I realize "Hey, Anthony's not exactly dumb. Maybe he's not playing around."

I finally decided "Fuck it" and downloaded the bastard. I'm still grappling with what exactly the game is about and what all these damn symbols on the map mean, but I want to start this thing as fully armed as possible, because I get the sense this is one of those games where I would absolutely HATE to have to restart because of a poor choice early on.

I'm still trying to decide where to plant my fortress, because I'm not sure what resource I'll be valuing most down the road, and most places go "For some reason or another, you may find it hard to gather X here"

I'm also REFUSING to use outside help, as that just feels like cheating.