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NO LONGER WORKS AT DESTRUCTOID avatar 10:19 PM on 05.11.2008  (server time)
Haprr Brfdaz Coretta (Video)

OK, Before and fresh meat says it, birthday videos always come out the day after birthdays.

Happry Burfday Coretta. Dtoid loves you and so do I. You are awesome.

I hope you all enjoy the video. It will be the last. New laptop partially fried out again. I can do anymore of these. Its just wiping me out. So sorry if you liked them. Im also sorry about the framing outline. I rendered out the video 3 times and that was the best I could get. Video card itself shot so its not allowing it to frame. I couldnt even finish this video and usually that means it gets scraped, but I thought it was done enough for Coretta and all of you to enjoy.

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