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NO LONGER WORKS AT DESTRUCTOID avatar 9:16 AM on 04.04.2008  (server time)
Call of Duty 4 map tokens and how to use them

Click on that link. I know, I know, emailing me didn't fix it. I am aware. Just as aware of the fact that I don't run the fucking website there. If... IF you got an early 'token' or download code at one of the COD4 events, from me for hosting FNF's, or gave someone sex for it, you need to go to and follow a few steps to then activate it, or get another code that allows you to get the new maps for free.

Here are some of the people that asked me questions so far.

Stupid A. "But Ron the website isnt actually letting me do that."
OK Fucktard. I am aware of that. Keep in mind my earlier point, and also that the maps coming out at 9:30 AM means that the people that run the cod website (Not me) are just probably getting up. This also means that they probably havent thought about setting the site live.

Stupid B. "But Ron. I have a code damnit, I want to play now."
No fucktard. Before you bitch too much, read the site. It does actually say "Beginning on the evening of April 4th." So, only people in Japan can use that as an excuse to bitch about really.

Stupid C. "Hey Ron, do you have anymore codes?" or "Hey Ron, Snaileb said you were going to give me a code because now I am going to host the tourney"
No and if so, take that up with him. I didnt say that shit. I gave out the codes to the hosts. I didnt have many. So if you are hosting, and did not get a code, I am sorry. Look at it this way, now you can compete for prizes.

Stupid D. "Hey Ron. Why am I so fucking worthless?"
I don't know Ted. I also don't know why I haven't blocked you on my Gtalk yet.

Basically, if you have a code, be patient. It's free. Don't act like it is fucking life support. If it is, then crank out the 10 bucks and stop being a whiney bitch about it. The new maps rock, and they are a must for any COD4 player. I dont care if they are 800 points or 400 points. They rock. Even if it takes you working for 6 more hours at Gamestop to pay for them.

Here, stare at this pic of Olivia Munn making out with another girl. That can help in 53% of reported cases.

I love you all... (Not you Ted. I hate you)


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