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Alien Swarm Holds Hidden Half-Life Hints?

Someone on the Steam forums with a SDK (Software Development Kit) of Alien Swarm found something rather interesting. A property suspiciously labeled "Hint" has a value of "Ep3 Blob Spit Position." A closer look reveals some i...


The 25 Worst Album Covers of the Decade (NVGR)

Read it here Digg it Yes, I'm a shameless whore. Still, I feel that any album covers with evil penises, crucifixions, and piss-poor photoshops are worth a look, and I hope you feel the same way. Here is the best album cover of the decade, for comparison: Fuck. Yes. EDIT: Before I said that the site had made a mistake with the layout, but it is now fixed.


Iron Man 2 poster kind of looks like Metroid Prime 3 box art

Just thought this was interesting. Thanks goes to super-duper Cracked writer Dan Seitz for noticing this similarity over here. Side-by-side comparison. Since this is a gaming blog, I might as well say this about MP3: the fight against the boss who has the morph ball boost thing is cheap as hell. Other than that, it was a good game.


I wrote a thing for Gunaxin

It's called: "U2ís 'Elevation' Video, Dissected." I strip down and analyze all the retarded aspects of what I consider to be the most bafflingly retarded music video of the last ten years. Imagine this but with Laura Croft...


The Greatest Webcomic Ever? (NVGR)

As noted in my previous post, I'm going to co-writing a Cracked article with David Wong about the most baffling webcomics ("baffling" being the key word here), one of the webcomics that may be included on the list.....is simp...


Eiffel 65's song about the Playstation

Remember that song "Blue"? That song from the late nineties that was irritating beyond all levels of measure? Spawned one of the worst music videos ever? Let's refresh your memory. When you've finished screaming in horror an...


I Just Got An Xbox 360

And it is awesome. Alas, I could only buy the Orange Box with the money I had, but it's still freaking sweet. I was just playing Half Life 2 and Portal. Here's what I've learned so far. -Portal is goddamn hilarious. Since I'...


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