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I'm a 30 year old nerd who started playing video games in 1987 when my dad got us the Nintendo Entertainment system Power Pad bundle. I quickly got hooked after playing RC Pro AM, Zelda, Mario, Baseball Stars and Duck Hunt.

But what really sealed my Nerdom for life was when I played a game called Final Fantasy, it was all over after that. Ever since i've been a geek, a terrible one. I apparently refuse to grow up even though i'm pushing 30... I still game and more now than ever... Favorite series include Halo, Suikoden, Demon's Souls, Mass Effect, Deadly Premonition, Final Fantasy (fuck 11, 12, & 13), Assassins Creed, Mirrors Edge, Half Life, Gears Of War, Uncharted, Dragon Age, Resident Evil, Dead Space, Dead Rising, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, Fall Out, Tales Series (Vesperia etc.), Elder Scrolls, and The Old School Shadowrun, Shining Force's & Phantasy Stars.

On the flip side i've always been sort of a nerd / meat head hybrid. Being 1 of 3 computer science majors on the football team. It's a nice balance, this path also led me into Natural Bodybuilding which keeps me occupied when i'm not gaming.

That pretty much sums me up as a gamer I think.

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I work 12 hour shifts in IT Operations so when I get home late at night there is nothing more relaxing than a Gentlemen's night out in Boletaria. Gentleman in Boletaria you say? Why yes, I'm a very refined gentleman when it comes to playing Demon's Souls.

To achieve Gentleman status you must abide by the following rules:

1) No Back stabbing. Back Stabbings for jerks, not only that but Demon's Souls server connections aren't exactly lag free so you never know when it can happen even if they're not behind you. Shoulder sprinters with Rapiers be damned. (Jerk Tactic used to jerk back stab)

2) Always bow before a fight. It's only natural to give your opponent a bow, a true Gentleman never engages combat without paying respects if he/she can. Unless the invader's a jerk and rushes, Gentlemen don't bow to jerks.

3) Don't Grass spam healing items when dueling. If you're going to invade someone have the courtesy to not heal unless they do, it just adds arbitrary time to the duel. One use of the "Second chance" blessing is all that should be tolerated. (Upon death gives you half your life back and keeps you in the fight)

4) Don't use Firestorm... Firestorm's for pussies and should only be used as punishment for cheap tactics. IE Scraping spear (breaks all your armor) or Casting Plague. Only Jerks cast Plague, unless the invader is being Tri-Raped. Then Plague away. (Tri-Rape = Two Blue Souls & Host ganging up on the lone invader)

5) Don't Tri-Rape invaders. In no way is Tri-Rape ever tolerated by a Gentleman, if you have summoned the help of Blue Phantoms let them duke it out 1 on 1 before engaging the Invader. If your allies should be defeated allow the Invader to heal and rebuff... then bow. A true Gentlemen's battle!

Now I understand for most people they just want to win, sure winning is the ultimate goal. If you want to win at all costs fine I get it. I have used some interesting tactics in the past I called the "Soul on a Rope". It goes like this:

Upon invasion I get my magic set equipped and then walk up against a wall and stare at it not moving at all. The invader will then think I'm AFK or in this case AFC (Away from Controller) and sprints at my backside for the kill. Once he's close enough I'd rip off a firestorm and laugh as his toasted corpse goes flying into the air. It's hilarious, but hey that's not ladylike and also gets old... But it's good for a laugh at random. Try it sometime!

The only reason why I tend to impose these Gentlemen's rules upon myself is I think they make the game more challenging and sort of takes the chaos away from some of the engagements. Oddly this relaxes me. Not to mention I've Platinum'd all three versions and have put 100s of hours into them across all three regions. Eventually you develop rules.

Demon's Souls is a barren cold wasteland of hollow air, zombies, Demons, and Dragons with a chilling aura of death. Yet I feel completely at home here. If you've ever lured a red eye night to his death or spent hours upon hours grinding out Pure bladestone you probably feel the same way. There is no "half way" in Demon's Souls, it's an all in or nothing game that will rip you out of reality and take you down a peg or two in the process. The escape is Euphoric... Umbassa!

So with Dark Souls upon us I say lets give Demon's Souls one last dance. In fact I'll probably be playing it all this week. Feel free to message me for Demon's Souls parties. I've hosted them in the past ironically with Xbox Live. Skype is also another option. I'm even up for setting up some FNF's in Demon's Souls should we get enough participants.

But guys and gals alike if you do decide to partake remember... let's act like Ladies/Gentlemen :D

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