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N0Gil avatar 12:33 AM on 08.02.2014  (server time)
The MMO itch

I was scrolling through my twitter the other day and I found a tweet that said FFXIV was now offering 14 day trials. I took a glance and now I feel like I should jump back into an MMO. I think my PS3 is a little tired, so I think switching to PC for a bit might help. Although I do have to think about why I quit in the first place. 

I haven't played a major M MO in a while, all my time has been spent on MOBAs. I think the reason is because every match in a MOBA is different, there's something to do and there's actually an end point. MMOs tend to go on forever, and the tedium can set in quickly. I never got to levels high enough to buy my characters a mount. 

The MMOs I used to play weren't that good anyway, they were all free Korean games with identical art styles and quest structures. For my next MMO, I'm considering getting a premium game. Not P2P like WOW or FFXIV, but F2P like Guild Wars 2. I want to avoid P2P coz I'm still studying and I need that money for other stuff, plus a subscription means having to commit yourself seriously to a game to get your money's worth. If either of the Final Fantasy MMOs were F2P, I'd get them in a heartbeat.

I'm a fantasy man, so Guild Wars 2 first came to mind. I know about Wildstar, but I'm not really a fan of sci-fi. I know that's a stupid reason, but that's just me. If any of you have played either, could you just give me a description of what either game is like? Like the gameplay and the scale of the world. Thanks a lot.

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