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I've been a gaming nut since I started out with a Playstation. Ever since then, it's kinda ruined my school performance (oh, well). These days, I'm into RPG's and whatever I'm willing to try.
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I've been noticing something with game scores lately. I've been noticing some mediocre scores from games that are part of series that were groundbreaking when they first came out. Sometimes these scores are all over the place, coz I've been hearing some people say that Pokemon Black and White 2 is really boring but some say its fun. The same goes for RE6, is it really as bad as people are saying or are all the reviewers going through a really bad day?

Not just this year but the last few years as well. Skyward Sword, from what I've heard. has been called the best Zelda game but has divided fans on its layout and level structure. I enjoyed the game, but playing it through the second time made me consider the faults that were mentioned by people. Then of course there's FFXIII. As my first Final Fantasy, it was a good game, until the second time...
After hunting down the other main games, XIII basically throws the book out the window and creates this really strange departure from other games. If it were any other game it might have been forgiven, but as part of an influential series...

I guess game developers are trying to reinvent their games, but is it a bad thing if a game violates their traditions or sticks too close to it? Can we call a games series too old if we've been either getting the same thing for years or if it's not the same game we fell in love with from the beginning?

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