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N0Gil avatar 5:55 AM on 08.17.2012  (server time)
The Collector's itch

Ah, collector's editions; when die hard fans want a little something extra when a disc in a cheap $1 case isn't enough. I find myself writing this swinging between wanting and not wanting to buy a collector's edition. After you've paid the extra cash and drooled all over the lore books and art cards, the next thing you do is shove it into the back of the closet and forget about it. This is the feeling I get when I buy special editions, I buy, drool and then go 'meh'.

I've bought a few special editions and avoided a few, but now I'm really busting myself about whether it's worth it or not. I saw this problem when I bought the special edition of FFXIII-2. The price was a bit higher than the standard, but I guess I was being deluded by my fanboy ideas. When I got home, I just ogled the art book and listened to the CD, and done! Now all the stuff is still in the box and gathering dust on my bookshelf.

There are also times when I resist the urge to buy a special edition then regret it later. This happened to me when I ogled a special edition of SCV. I'm a fan of the series (but this one was honestly a bit of a let-down), but I held back on getting it because the box was massive. The worst part of this was that it was at rock-bottom prices in the cheap shops. Sure it was artbooks and soundtracks again, but I think it was the price that was calling out to me (this is not making sense, is it?).

Anyway, is a special edition worth all the clutter and extra cash? Will you enjoy it instead of sticking it in the closet? Right now I'm ogling a particular edition of AC3, which I just realized seems more exciting than anything else because it DOESN'T have an artbook. Just getting something off my chest, enjoy your lives parked in front of blindness-inducing screens.

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