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N0Gil avatar 3:59 AM on 08.05.2012  (server time)
Are we living in the past?

If you've played as long as I have, you'll become attached to a few game series. Sometimes when I play games from this generation, I become bored real fast. Don't get me wrong, these games are spectacular and real good-looking, but sometimes when I need something simple I hop onto PSN and get something from the PS1 era. And thanks to the miracle of HD collections, I'm replaying my most beloved adventures before they came to a screeching halt.

I've come to love being able to relive these moments, from finding every little thing in Jak and Daxter (on my first run as well!), to finding the Thievius Racconus in the first Sly game. There's just some satisfaction out of blowing up a giant Precursor robot that you don't get from sticking your hidden blade into that Cesare moron (That's still a very good game though). There has been a downside to this. Playing through Jak games again, I'm surprised how short they are (the first was what 10 hours?). I could have sworn they took a bit longer without doing all the side quests right? Also they are a lot harder than I remember; fight Mz. Ruy in Sly Cooper after not doing so in a while and you'll know what I'm talking about. But I guess what counts is that these games are fun.

Between a compressed play time and level of challenge, I think what made these games fun is that they managed to place mini games and minor challenges every now and then to break the pace of run, jump and smash. Some games in my library tend to bank on one formula, which may be the reason I find them so boring; otherwise they're just too easy.

Speaking of difficulty...
My first Final Fantasy was, ironically, XIII. First-time around, it was alright; the fighting was fast, the story offered some twists. Second-time around, everything just crawled and crawled before it picked up momentum. Now FFVIII; the black sheep I've so heard many times. Sure it's system was a little screwy, but the challenge in it was what I found the game to be interesting. Comparing both games, and having played both games more than once, XIII was on auto-pilot through and through, but VIII had a broader depth of strategy in using the abilities (and who doesn't love the dance scene?).

To wrap up, I'm not saying that I hate this generation's games, it's just that when game series move on they either try to reinvent the book or throw it out the window. I'm not much of a fan of spectacular eyesores or revolutionary battle systems, I'm more into being able feel a sense of depth and challenge in a game instead of being wooed by the graphics (did that make sense?).

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