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I've been a gaming nut since I started out with a Playstation. Ever since then, it's kinda ruined my school performance (oh, well). These days, I'm into RPG's and whatever I'm willing to try.

12:33 AM on 08.02.2014

I was scrolling through my twitter the other day and I found a tweet that said FFXIV was now offering 14 day trials. I took a glance and now I feel like I should jump back into an MMO. I think my PS3 is a little tired, so I think switching to PC for a bit might help. Although I do have to think about why I quit in the first place. 

I haven't played a major M MO in a while, all my time has been spent on MOBAs. I think the reason is because every match in a MOBA is different, there's something to do and there's actually an end point. MMOs tend to go on forever, and the tedium can set in quickly. I never got to levels high enough to buy my characters a mount. 

The MMOs I used to play weren't that good anyway, they were all free Korean games with identical art styles and quest structures. For my next MMO, I'm considering getting a premium game. Not P2P like WOW or FFXIV, but F2P like Guild Wars 2. I want to avoid P2P coz I'm still studying and I need that money for other stuff, plus a subscription means having to commit yourself seriously to a game to get your money's worth. If either of the Final Fantasy MMOs were F2P, I'd get them in a heartbeat.

I'm a fantasy man, so Guild Wars 2 first came to mind. I know about Wildstar, but I'm not really a fan of sci-fi. I know that's a stupid reason, but that's just me. If any of you have played either, could you just give me a description of what either game is like? Like the gameplay and the scale of the world. Thanks a lot.

4:38 PM on 03.02.2014

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote something.

Anyway, with the FFX HD Remaster only a few days away, I just wanna bring up the topic of X-2. X-2 was probably one of the biggest dividers in the community when it came out. So like it or not, it's getting packaged with the original X. 

The game's combat system is fun to play around with, it's deep and it does have a level of strategy to it. What's wrong with a FF game with a job system? The story structure is alright I guess, but come on that's the point of an RPG; you have to explore everything to find everything.

I guess the biggest gripe with everyone is the tone of the game's story. It's much lighter compared to the seriousness of X, and again what's wrong with that? It's the way the story goes, the big evil is gone and the world is celebrating. People are taking up there new freedom from the old government and living it up, particularly Yuna. 

Or as one of my friends puts it, the new 'slutty' Yuna.

Yuna didn't have much freedom when she was younger and this is probably the first time in her life that she has been able to do something for herself. And honestly, her X-2 clothes make her look pretty hot. She's also definitely a lot more stronger emotionally than she was in the game before, give her some credit for that. 

I'm writing pretty sloppy I know, but let me boil it down. I like X-2, story and everything. Lots of people are still in denial over it. Look, if you don't like it don't play it. It's been ten years already, GET. OVER. IT.

Some crossovers are done tastefully. Some are well done. With games like Smash Bros or Dissidia Final Fantasy taking a company's mascots and putting them in the same game, it's fun and induces nostalgic feelings in fans. But there can be a time when there is a crossover that doesn't sit right with you either out of general displeasure, or it doesn't mix well with the other game it is meeting.

With KHIII hopefully coming next year, we're all finally gonna get the next real game in the series after eight long years. But there might be one tiny snag along the way. 

Since Kingdom Hearts is a crossover between Disney and Square, both companies lend their mascots. But as we all know, Disney has managed to snag the rights to Star Wars and Marvel. You see where I'm getting at?

We may be seeing Star Wars or the Marvel Universe as new worlds in KHIII, and I don't like it one bit. Personally, there I have nothing against either franchises, but I think Disney is enough. To me, both franchises are too science-heavy to incorporate the magical universe of Kingdom Hearts. I know there are paranormal events in both franchises, but for the most part it's sci-fi. The TRON world from II and DDD were probably the limit.

I think my biggest gripe would be with the Marvel issue. I've discussed this with my friend and he sort of agrees. If we were to see a Marvel world, it would probably Spiderman. It sounds cool, but I don't think I'll be able to handle hearing the grinding, whiny voice of Drake Bell. I've seen some of his shows, and he's too much of a spaz case. And once again, that series has a bit more sci-fi than paranormal stuff so I don't think it'll fit well with KH.

I'm writing this on a blind rage right now, so excuse me for my sloppy writing. It's just that I think KH should only stick to the Disney stuff; and classical Disney, none of this modern day live action crap. No lightsaber Keyblades or teenage webslingers either. What drives this in is that the director of KH is actually contemplating of putting in those kinds of worlds. 

I honestly hope he doesn't. Thoughts?

4:24 AM on 07.11.2013

Just another day venting my gaming opinions. What is your opinion on console multiplayer? I'm talking about the online ones, not local. Do you think in recent games like the latest Tomb Raider it's not necessary, or is there some merit to it being there at all?

I guess it kinda depends on the genre it's being used in, FPs's being the most common. For action adventure games, I guess it could work, but it would have to be streamlined for it to be accessible to everyone. Assassin's Creed multiplayer would have to be one of the more outstanding action multiplayer modes. To be honest, I'm not that into multiplayer because I barely find any joy out of it (which is in my next bit).

The problem, I think, about multiplayer however is the lack of mercy that occurs when you jump into online arenas. I can barely walk two seconds without being stabbed, gutted or getting pumped full of lead. I'm really sorry if I sound like a whiny, newby baby here, but I'm writing what comes to mind. Multiplayer is fun, but it's hard to be excited about it if I'm not thrown a bone once in a while. 

Another problem is how multiplayer ties into trophies and achievments. As a trophy whore on PSN, I'm pretty crazy about wanting to get the platinum trophy on all my games. But when I need to get a trophy that needs me to rank up in multiplayer, it would probably take me triple the time it takes for me to finish a story campaign and therefore just forget about it. 

Thanks for putting up with my bitching. What are your thoughts? Necessary? Needlessly painful? Driving you crazy from not being able to get that last goddamn achievement/trophy? Feel free to share.

Okay, let's try to be civil here. We all know SE is milking the hell out of a game no one wanted a sequel for, and it's ruffling more than a few feathers. If I have to give my honest opinion, I'm kinda over why this game is getting more focus than the other projects SE should be focusing on. 

I will admit that the game looks good, but I guess a single-party Final Fantasy is too much of a tradition jump to accept comfortably. And I guess another gripe is how I'm gonna spend another 40 or so hours pressing the same button over and over. 

I'm gonna get the game, but only to round out the story, and I'm hoping that there's a happy ending this time and that everyone doesn't die this time. FFXIII is definitely past it's use by date, and we can only hope it doesn't end with a sour taste in our mouths.

On the topic of this, you will probably know Lightning is gonna wear Cloud's outfit and use the Buster Sword as a special preorder. And I just found out Hope is gonna turn back into a kid in the game. Thoughts?

6:08 PM on 03.25.2013

With the announcement of so many HD remasters lately, it's understandable that we are all excited to be able to play our favorite masterpieces from way over yonder. Kindom Hearts 1.5HD and FFX HD are definitely on my hot list this year. There is another way to look at this however.

I don't want to sound cynical, but it feels like these games are serving as ways to make sure we don't tear game companies apart for taking so long with projects that are sitting in purgatory right now (KH3, FFVersus XIII etc...). How much longer can companies keep holding us back with ports and remakes before they run out and eventually have to put out the games we've been waiting half a decade for?

I'm not saying I hate HD rereleases, they are a nice slice of nostalgia and handle as well as I remember them. But for companies that release old material instead of actually working on the stuff in development, how much more can we take it? Can we handle waiting this long, or will we turn our backs on the companies because of it?