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I am N07. I'm not perfect, and neither are you. Deal with it. I enjoy and game with a good story. The Jak and Daxter Series, and Kingdom Hearts Series are my favorites, and I am currently working on replaying both. I'm a huge Penny-Arcade fan, and PAX is the greatest gaming con ever.
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2:55 PM on 03.05.2008

...Or something like that. Hi my name is N07 (thats N-Zero-7 if you didn't catch that, but it is pronounced No 7. As in there is no seven.) If you read my blog, then you're probably interested in PAX, because that is probably what the bulk of my posts are gonna be about. I live on the PAX forums, lurking mostly, and on there I go as Nephirij. With PAX '08 coming up quickly, you'll probably hear about my crackpot schemes to get a cosplay outfit going, most probably an Organization XIII cloak, and those schemes will most probably fail. If you don't know what Organization XIII is, then I'm sorry, and you need to play through the Kingdom Hearts series, because it rocks. You'll probably also hear alot about the current PAX news, and I might just toss in a goat check joke every once in a while. So with that, I sign off.


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