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2:25 PM on 03.06.2008

The Grateful Dead to hit Rock Band

According to this page, this week a six song pack featuring nothing but the Grateful Dead is going to be released for 800 microsoft points. First time i've seen that happen.

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2:15 PM on 03.06.2008

Mass Effect DLC

In a recent email newsletter from XBox live, i have received information regarding Mass Effect DLC. the first content Pack, entitled "Bring Down the Sky" is set to release this upcoming monday the 10th of march, 2008. Downloading this pac will not only get you new explorable worlds and new missions, totaling approximately 90 minutes of gameplay, but it also includes an acheivement that will net you 50 Gamerscore points. more info can be found Here.

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3:41 PM on 03.05.2008

PAX 10, my favorite web comic, is now accepting submissions from indie game developers for a chance to showcase their games. The top 10 games chosen by a panel of 50 industry experts, including Penny-Arcade's Gabe and Tycho, will then be shown in the exhibition hall of PAX '08. If you wish to submit your own games, you have until May 7th, 2008 to do so. More info Here.

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2:55 PM on 03.05.2008

Hello World...

...Or something like that. Hi my name is N07 (thats N-Zero-7 if you didn't catch that, but it is pronounced No 7. As in there is no seven.) If you read my blog, then you're probably interested in PAX, because that is probably what the bulk of my posts are gonna be about. I live on the PAX forums, lurking mostly, and on there I go as Nephirij. With PAX '08 coming up quickly, you'll probably hear about my crackpot schemes to get a cosplay outfit going, most probably an Organization XIII cloak, and those schemes will most probably fail. If you don't know what Organization XIII is, then I'm sorry, and you need to play through the Kingdom Hearts series, because it rocks. You'll probably also hear alot about the current PAX news, and I might just toss in a goat check joke every once in a while. So with that, I sign off.

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