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N-effect-human avatar 3:28 AM on 05.10.2011  (server time)
Things like Time that are in Mass Effect 2

#1. Shepard, despite being a mechanized human, refuses to break into more than a walkish jog unless under serious duress. I see the sights Commander Shepard. They're very pretty. Can we go now. I need to walk the dog. Don't you have anywhere important to be?

#2. Things you'd never notice, Bioware wants you to look at them anyway. Especially the fragile crates. And things on the other side of the wall.

#3. Everything Shepard encounters must be identified at the top of your eyes, you the creepy bastard staring down from your couch at Shepard and her crew. You, the guy whose eyeballs get literally bloodshot whenever Shepard gets hurt. Oh, you checked in a mirror and they weren't really bloodshot? Well good job ruining the illusion. Jeez.

#4. All enemies must be enclosed by brightly colored half-circles. No guessing here. They'll tell you where they're hiding.

#5. There's no more spinning the camera while riding the elevator, just some straight-laced technical drawings of the ship. You need to focus, goddammit.

#6. Shepard is required by the Illusive Man to keep pictures of her crew glued to her ass, just in case you forget who's right there on your screen.

I've played a few missions and these are my impressions, so maybe one day when I have time I'll start again, and some days later I'll finish.

UPDATE: I finished.

#7.  I will never sign up for the Systems Alliance if it means I have to mine the galaxy for raw materials.

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