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MyXyla avatar 11:57 PM on 09.25.2011  (server time)
We are Xyla Entertainments!

Hello there! We're Xyla Entertainments.

We are developing PC games for release on Steam right now!

We understand that games are art, and we want you to use our tools as your canvas! We are developing titles like "FPS Sandbox" which allows you to create your own arenas, "Marshal The Stars", which allows you to custom tool your own space armada, and "My Dungeon Online" which allows you to build your own fantasy worlds in just seconds and challenge your friends to play in them while playing in worlds they've designed and built.

We're all about putting the tools for building the play space in YOUR hands, while also making the game fun, competitive, and challenging for all! We also like to reward our customers! We do so by always allowing users to buy, unlock, and trade items (for both world building & your personal avatar).

We do not support the "Pay to Win" model.

We do not support the "Pay to Play" model.

We DO support the "Free For All" model. And we believe that everyone has a little bit of creativity inside them they'd like to unlock. That's why our symbol is a man carving himself out of marble and why our motto is: "Your Imagination Unleashed!"

We want you to feel free. Free to play. Free to create. Free to share. Free to trade.

Stay tuned!


Our Website:

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Our Youtube:

Our Steam Group:

Our Dtoid Blog:

We know you like to game, so do we! Come play with us:
We've got a TF2 and a Minecraft server:

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