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MyXyla avatar 10:51 AM on 10.01.2011  (server time)
Trolling :: Why It Is One Of Our Main Inspirations and Why You Should Care...

Love it or hate it, we as gamers all troll (or get trolled by) other players to an extent.
We usually do this in games where there can only be one winner and one loser...

Especially if the loser keeps hoping to win and challenging us to a rematch.

Normally a feature of fighting games, and sometimes seen even in the most seemingly light-hearted games like Mario Kart, trolling is just a part of every-day existence, yet it still often evokes the phrase, "Really?" At the end of the day when you get slammed with a red turtle shell for the third time by a guy who's already lapped you once... It's pretty obvious you're being trolled by that point, yet we still may push on in hopes of just completing the match.

We know that winners love to win and rub it in the loser's face.
And we know that losers love to be able to challenge the winner to a rematch.

By simply adding a "rematch" button at the end of every stage you, too, (as the loser) can demand to play through the same level again and try to prove you can beat that winning jerk to a pulp... You (as the winner) of course can also try to prove your dominance over a level by beating your opponent a second, third, fourth time etc... and rub it in his/her face.

We've found during playtests, without any motivation or score board at all, players started saying things like "BEST OUT OF 3... Darnit! OK Best out of 5!... No! Wait! Best out of 7!"

All your wins and losses are recorded and shared amongst your friends, as well as the top 5 items you've used to hurt your opponent's chances of winning, your fastest time, etc...

The beauty of a game like this is it, for the first time ever, gives you the chance to try to beat your friend at a platforming game while sharing the same screen and playing side-by-side. Gone are the days of just checking your time trial records against your friends (or the world's stats) to see who is the fastest puzzle-solver/platformer in the land, now you and a friend can go head-to-head and we've added some items and power-ups into the game which allow you to try to directly effect your opponent's experience during the game. If you want a more strictly tournament-style mode then you can turn these items off, as well.

In any case, Rush Brothers is doing something nobody else has done by combining the awesome platforming of games like "Knytt" and even "I wanna be the guy" with challenging physics puzzles and it emphasizes an online and local "Vs." mode which lets you play against a friend in a head-to-head race!

If you're starting to get excited about Rush Bros. then I also have some good news:
You don't have to wait much longer for its debut on Steam.

We're aiming for a release date this January (assuming we can pull everything off without a hitch).

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