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My Landlord avatar 4:05 AM on 12.08.2013  (server time)
Best Moments Of The VGX

Ok, this is going to be a really shitty blog, but i really want to talk about this funny event that unfolded yesterday (i was laughing through the whole thing), so i'll "write" it real fast. My main goal is to make this the official VGX blog, so share all your favorite moments here, i really want to know about that.

Ok, so favorite moments:

Joel's Parody of the Antonio Banderas .gif

I don't know why, but i found this little clip super hilarious. Easily the highlight, in my opinion.



Other minor enjoyable bits were the whole awkwardness and bad jokes. The Community dude did a good job at being a douchebag, but he also pushed the devs/PR people to the edge with some questions, which i kind of liked. The Smosh spoof was a little too cringeworthy, and PewDiePie was just bad. Also, that other host was just being an asshole when Reggie appeared to present Donkey Kong.

Overall i hope this show doesn't happen again in the same form, it was just too embarrassing. They showed no care or professionalism, and the awards were presented in a very dull manner. If the have the opportunity to do it next year, i just wish they take their time to organize it in a better way, so it doesn't make all the gamer/gaming enthusiast community look stupid again.

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