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My Enormous Hairy Downstairs Kitchen avatar 3:37 PM on 03.14.2013  (server time)
Nintendo Gamer

For reasons I'll save for another blog because it's been a long day and I'm a little too tired to tell you kids a bedtime story, I grew up with games, but I didn't grow up with gaming culture. The idea that there might be magazines devoted to gaming didn't even occur to me.

When I did start to search for a community that shared my love of games, print media was being declared dead, and I just stuck to the news that filtered down through Twitter, and to idly clicking through IGN. It was only last summer that I picked up my first ever magazine - Nintendo Gamer. I was going on holiday, and I picked it up because I knew I couldn't get any internet connection where I was going. To cut a long story short- it was bloody good. It was really bloody good. It was whimsical and passionate and laugh out loud funny. It took games seriously, and it took games journalism seriously, but it didn't take itself seriously at all.

I fell in love, and after twenty odd years of publication, it was killed three issues later.

I really did fall for it, hard, and I'm far more passionate about it than I'm allowed to be. There were people who subscribed from the very beginning, right until the end, and I feel I'm trampling all over their grief.

I started buying back issues from ebay, but the magazine was so resolutely upbeat and optimistic, I couldn't help but be sad when reading with the knowledge of where it was headed.
I'm not going to seek out past issues, but for some sense of closure, I want to share with you some articles from the few I've read that I really liked.

As I said, I'm really tired, so I'm going to stop writing now and just give you the articles. Hope you like them; if you do I'll post more. Don't know where I stand legally with this. Don't sue please thanks.

Iwata Asks...Nick Clegg

Iwata Asks...The Higgs Boson Particle

Iwata Asks...Kazuo Hirai

Iwara Asks...The Corporate Overlords (this is from the final issue)

Skyward Sword retrospective, part 1

Skyward Sword retrospective, part 2

Skyward Sword retrospective, part 3

The Future of Mario, part 1

The Future of Mario, part 2

The Future of Mario, part 3

The Future of Zelda, part 1

The Future of Zelda, part 2

The Future of Zelda, part 3

Loved you Nintendo Gamer. It was too brief.

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