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6:07 AM on 05.20.2011

Airport Road Presents: The Woods III



PS: Scribblenauts short hopefully shooting soon!   read

3:46 AM on 08.01.2010

Project Mario Vlog #2 and Airport Road: The Podcast!

Hi Destructoid Cblog people! My computer blew up a couple weeks ago, but like Colonel Steve Austin it's been upgraded with new hardware and back in action. So now I can tell you about things I've been doing!

Our second Project Mario Vlog is out (click here if you missed the first one), and will appear in a magical moving picture box directly below these words.


Ben, Rob and I have also started a weekly podcast, creatively titled "Airport Road: The Podcast". Each week we ramble on about geeky stuff and demonstrate a sad amount of knowledge about useless trivia for 90 minutes or so. I have it on good authority that it's the greatest podcast you will ever listen to.

Episode 1: Podblast
Episode 2: Podcast Chaos
Episode 3: 80's Nostalgia
Episode 4: 90's Nostalgia

Please subscribe if you actually care about what we have to say!

We have a forum thread dedicated to it, please stop by, tell us what you think, and offer any suggestions for improvement or topics you'd like to hear us discuss!

Ben & our friend/fellow filmmaker Richie have another podcast, Dispatches from the Weird, in which they talk about different geeky stuff and I occasionally appear. Check it out as well! DO IT!

PS: Follow our tumblr blog for all things Airport Road-related.   read

5:17 PM on 07.07.2010

Airport Road Presents: Project Mario


It's been a long time since our last video, so we thought we'd post something showcasing what we've been working on. Since we want to keep the subject matter under wraps until we're ready for the full reveal, we decided to use secret code names like in the spy movies. A few of you might be savvy enough to figure out which game we're covering next; if so please don't ruin the surprise for everyone else! Be content knowing that you have a keen and analytical mind, and were one of the few able to process and link together our subtle clues in order to solve the ingenious mystery we've created for you.

In the first Project Mario vlog, Ben, Rob, and Dude will guide you through the early stages of costume construction, introduce the main characters, and argue with each other about shades of green. I'm not in this video because nobody gave me a ride over to Rob's house after I told people I totally wanted to go but didn't have enough gas to drive myself. So I sat by the phone, waiting for Ben or Dude to call and say "Hey what's up? I'm going to come pick you up because I'm an awesome friend and that's what bros do for each other". But no one ever called. I sat in our empty house alone for the rest of the night. Totally not crying.

Project Mario has undergone multiple evolutions into the final concept, and even though it's taken a while to get here I'm glad we waited for this version. It's inspired everyone to really ramp up the production quality, and we'll be showing you how the work is progressing in future installments of this vlog. This is probably going to be the biggest project we've ever attempted, and if we pull it off there's no doubt in my mind we'll finally realize our dreams of being rich and internet famous.

In other news, Rob, Ben, and I recorded the first episode of Airport Road: The Podcast last night. Going to edit it tonight with Ben and we'll hopefully have it online in a day or two. In it we talk a bit about movies, what games we've been playing, debate who would win in a battle between Godzilla and Cthulhu, recall our history with Destructoid and how we got started in the lucrative internet film making business, and go into further depth about Project Mario. We got a bit carried away, so this episode might run a bit longer than planned. Had a blast recording it, and looking forward to doing the next one!   read

12:24 AM on 04.16.2010

Last Chance For The Forums Fourth Anniversary badge!

Deadline is TODAY!

Here's everything you need to know. I would put more effort into this but I'm really sick right now. If you haven't already, get to reminiscing!   read

4:11 AM on 04.13.2010

Attention Destructoid: Have You Earned The Four Year Anniversary Badge Yet?

Never come between Zodiac and her badges. Not even if you're a shark.

See that? That's the badge YOU can have proudly displayed above your avatar on the Destructoid Forums!

"But Mxy," you ask yourself. "How can I possibly acquire this? Surely I am not worthy of such majesty! PS: You're an amazingly awesome guy I aspire to be like and assuming I'm a cute chick I want to sex you."

Well I am quite flattered by your compliments, and I assure you earning the Four Year Anniversary Badge is actually quite easy! All you have to do is share some of your favorite Destructoid memories in this thread right here. If you're curious what other little squares with pictures in them you may receive, see the Badge List. Badges may be claimed by posting your evidence in the Badge Request Thread. If you haven't yet become a member of the Forums, then WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM GET WITH THE PROGRAM BRO!!!

However, you must act now! The cut off for this incredible offer is Friday April 16th. After that, the window of opportunity closes forever. You'll be doomed to an eternity of knowing you could have had everything you ever dreamed, if only you'd made the effort when you had the chance. So what are you waiting for? GO GO GO!   read

8:09 AM on 03.24.2010

[Video] The Package. PS: <3 CTZ

A while back we created a video for the Darksiders "Prove your manliness" contest, only to screw up and miss the deadline by a few hours. Well, Hamza decided to be incredibly awesome and send us a box of random swag anyway for publicly humiliating ourselves. A few weeks ago we received the package, and this happened:


There were a few more things in the box that didn't get featured due to us running out of time to film and editing. I have no idea if we even pronounced Hamza's name right either. Probably not, I don't get much sleep anymore and have no idea what's going on about anything. Regardless, CTZ is the freaking man and this silly video is our way of saying thank you for everything he's done for us over the years. Thanks Robokitty!

PS: LotrO is rad. If anyone else still plays, I'm Mxyrandir on the Brandywine server.   read

11:03 PM on 03.14.2010

Hey Destructoid! I've got a favor to ask!

I've been busy working in the basement with the new job and all, so I haven't had much time to lurk the cblogs lately. Despite the fact that I've probably broken your hearts, I wanted to draw everyone's attention to this thread


and ask if you have a few moments, please share with the rest of the community some of your favorite Destructoid memories! If you do, a year from now during Destructoid's fifth anniversary we can all look back and say, "Hey, remember when we posted about our favorite Dtoid memories in that thread? Yeah, that was awesome."

As a reward, here's some Deluxe Hugs:

[embed]166989:28257[/embed]   read

3:50 AM on 01.28.2010

The Man-lympics Outtakes and Bonus Footage

Who the hell cares about whether or not games are art? Remember when we made that video where we confused behaving like idiots with acts of manliness? Well here's some outtakes and extended scenes!


We're planning on shooting a Halo-themed video this weekend, so look for that soon!   read

7:33 PM on 01.14.2010

Belated Darksiders Sword Contest Entry - The Man-lympics

Whoops. We thought the deadline for the contest was at midnight tonight, so due to some last minute final editing and uploading problems our entry was finished too late. Despite there now being nothing to win, we think this video is awesome and you should all watch it and learn from some Champions of Manliness. Grats once again to Crunshii!

[embed]160554:26536[/embed]   read

12:08 AM on 01.09.2010

[Video] Using Adrenaline in Left 4 Dead 2

Hi Destructoid! We finally got the internets back! Shoot me a game invite if you see me on XBL! Now watch our latest video!


You liked that, didn't you bitch? Well there's more where that came from...

Glad to finally be back online, I missed you guys!   read

2:04 AM on 06.12.2009

Castle Crashers Outtakes [Throw a Bale Temper Tantrum Contest Entry]


Winning one contest was not enough. We will not rest until nothing is left in our wake but ashes and ruin. Good luck to all the other entrants!   read

4:25 AM on 05.26.2009

Maniac Mansion: Requiem For a Hamster


In this video Ben and I demonstrate why it isn't a good idea to mess around with Weird Ed's beloved pet hamster*. We also unveil a new miracle of Science, the Glo-Weasel!

*messing around with Weird Ed's beloved pet hamster is perfectly acceptable if required to solve puzzles across multiple time periods. See Day of the Tentacle for more details.

[Via]   read

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