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2:04 PM on 09.04.2008

Mutant Pope says:

PAX 08 rocks, Wardrox drinks tequila and hilarity ensues

Well, PAX 08 was freaking awesome. I had a blast, and met tons of cool Dtoiders, even though I hardly post here and am not nearly as active or familiar with everyone as just about every other person there.

Still. It was great. I went to the Dtoid panel, which was amusing, grotesque, hilarious, and enlightening all at once. Win! I even got to put on "the helmet." Which, I kid you not, made me see in five dimensions. Also, I think God might have poked me in the eye.

But what might be my favorite part was when I bought Wardrox a shot of the Elephant and Castle's finest (see: cheapest) tequila.


Bottoms up...

It always goes down smooth

Oh, he liked that a lot...

Tequilla always adds to the fun, and PAX 08 was no exception. I'm already looking forward to PAX 09. See you there.

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Mutant Pope

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