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MustEnjoyPie avatar 7:26 PM on 05.09.2011  (server time)
DLC, Yay or nay?

Recently the internet has been a buzz about L.A. Noire, the game that has a shit ton of exclusive DLC to certain retailers and exclusive content on the PS3. It's kind of a annoying to unfortunately discover you are missing a portion of your game because you didn't shop at a particular store. Well, on the plus side, most exclusive DLC does become available later on online for a quick cash grab, but why should you pay for content that you should already have in the first place? Let's start by looking at the positives and the negatives of DLC and try to get a better understanding.


Revitalizes Games.

This is a good point. DLC does give people a reason to revisit their old games and start playing them again. It stops consumers from approaching a different title and keeps things interesting. That's the main goal of DLC, it's to keep gamers from getting bored until the next sequel comes out. Rarely do I ever, personally anyways, check the marketplace for DLC of an older game I enjoy. It's always the 1-2 month old titles I'll be looking through online for DLC.

Sometimes it's free! <3
No it's no old wives tale, sometimes a good game company will give out DLC for free. Which is pretty bitchin'. Did you get it with a preorder? Awesome! That's the beauty of exclusive DLC for different companies, it gets people excited for what their purchasing and helps create a separate image from other retail stores. Now there is certain types of DLC that should NEVER be exclusive, but we'll get back to that.

Easy to get.

Finding an expansion pack instores can sometimes be near impossible now thanks to DLC. It makes it good for such an occasion that your bored and you have your visa card near by. Normally it's just a couple of clicks and your already spending your hard earned cash on the next greatest content for your favorite games. Awesome.



Game companies love DLC. Why? Because they have a tendency to overcharge for it and it can be some of the most lamest shit in the world. If they have captivated a large enough audience, they can just create the same content but give it a different color and people will still buy it. But wait, theres more!
It gets even worse when a game company owns a large AND older franchise, because they'll try to sell you on content you have already played from previous games! How is it fair that they can overcharge you for transferring over older content? Activision I'm looking at you.

Exclusive storyline DLC

Imagine watching a really awesome tv series from start to finish on your channel of choosing. Wouldn't it suck to figure out that you could have seen another episode that went deeper into the storyline if you were watching it on another channel? Now don't think I'm saying that storyline DLC is terrible, because it's not. Giving me more story about a game I love is awesome, but when when you take chunks of the story out and give it to people that went to a different store then you, that shit sucks.

DLC is already on the disc

Damn it, this is one of the worst. Unlocking a portion of the game that's already on the disc you bought for more money? That's seriously terrible. No company no matter how big or small should be allowed to do this. It's like buying a car with a radio that only has AM. You can get FM radio if you pay a small fee and allow the man who sold you the car to simply press a certain button code to unlock the FM radio. Paying for something you already paid for is bullshit.

So the idea of DLC being good or not is up to you guys. In my opinion DLC is a good thing, only if it's done right. DLC keeps a good game from going stale, and gives newer games a lasting appeal. I'm never worried that I'll get bored of the latest game in the next couple of months, there will always be something available. DLC needs to remain downloadable content, not content on your disc that we will unlock, it's not what it stands for. Also if you have content available don't just put it aside to charge $13 dollars for DLC later. Please.

Thanks for reading guys, please critique my writing and leave a comment on what your opinion is.


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