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FANBOYS/GIRLS please do not flame or start a mini-war here, OK?

Ah, yes the sidebar, I'm a 19 year old muslim gamer from the eternal place of sunshine(yeah,right) Manchester, England. I've been gaming since I was six and probably spent more hours gaming than doing anything else my enitre life, being the proud owner of a launch day playstation. Though owning only a PS3, I love my mate's 360 and if XBL ever becomes free, I'll pick a 360 up, until then, I'm doing fine with my PS3. Despite the hardcore gaming, I work out, eat healthily and have a thing for fashion and believe a man should always look good, stay clean, and stay in shape. So I'm most definitely not your stereotypical gamer. I try to be as chilled, nice and laid back as possible, I'm up for serious discussion, but not of 'TEH C0NS0LE WARZ, YO!!' type. There are much more important things in life than humping a piece of technology, or hating someone, hating anything, anyone without just reasoning, just fucking sucks in my opinion, seeing as I'm an optimist.

I'm also a film-lover of all genres, all languages. I love to read and listen to most types of music, whatever makes me feel happy. Be it Alternative, Hip-Hop, Rap, R 'N' B, Dance, House, Techno, Acid Jazz, Jazz, Electronica, J-Pop, J-Rock, Punk, Funk, or the phenomenal, ageless soundtrack of Tekken 3, I'll listen to the songs over and over again. Finally, I'm currently studying Television and Radio Production at Salford university and making firm steps to, hopefully, become one of the best film directors in the world, srsly. Thanks for reading this, and have a kick-ass day.

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When I brought PS3 last March, (a GTA4 bundle), my thoughts were that a 40 gig machine would suffice for a long, long time. ‘Nope, no point getting a 60 gig PS3, I already have a pristine PS2’, kept running through my head when I was weighing up what PS3 SKU to buy. The fact that the 40 gig one came with a free game (Burnout Paradise), AND, was a hundred pounds cheaper, sealed the deal. I whipped out my credit card, paid for my black beauty and set off for a year of wonderful gaming.

Fast forward a year later, and this is the reality:

You might think eight gigs of space is enough, but what you don’t know that 10 minutes prior to this picture, the amount of free space was less than a gig, the reason? Well, we have the wonderful, yet absolutely-glitched-to-the-smucking-eyeballs Fallout 3 to thank for that. After amassing a fortune of, about, ten thousands caps just by tracking down ninety-nine locations, adding them to the Geomapper module, it’s safe to say I was one happy crazy-ass Muslim. ‘One more to go‘, I thought.

Once I tracked down the final location, I was greeted with an inordinate number of blasted Deathclaws.
Yeah, I discovered Old Olney, host to the biggest clusterf*** of Deathclaws you’ll ever see in the game. After I uttered the words BOLY SMIDT (but in a stronger, more foul term) in seeing my danger indicator light up with red bars, I prayed to God (Allah in my case) and shot off like a cheetah with a rocket up it’s arse in the opposite direction, hoping that no Deathclaws were behind me. I was so, so, so wrong, they were a total of FOUR GODFORSAKEN BEASTS behind me, and yup, I was wearing the slow as hell power armour, that‘s what being safe gets you in the game. ‘Fmusck it’ (nope, not a typo, *wink*) I said to myself, out came the flamer and I dealt absolute fiery justice.

Glad with myself for not dying a terrible death, I decided to fast travel to Tenpenny tower, (third play through, busy being a evil badass) and get some well earned rest and change my equipment. I slept, changed my stuff and prepared to face the unforgiving waste land once again. When upon seeing the wooden elevator doors, I cracked a smile and looked forward to the fact that thousands of caps were just minutes away, approached the doors, pressed X and, walla, the loading screen came up.

BOOM, the loading screen froze, ‘Aw, great, stupid glitches’ I thought. If you have played the game, then you’d know how the game freezes and then un-freezes a hell of a lot of times, and in this case I thought the game screen would just load up as it always has done. Nope, it didn’t, so I re-booted the game, and went to my save once again, same thing, it froze: third time, same, fourth time, same, fifth, six, up to twenty times I did this, with no avail. There I was, stuck two hundred feet up, last manual save twenty, yes TWENTY hours ago, facing the certainty that I just wasted 80 hours of my life.

Yeah, I nearly was crying, like this:

At that point I was seconds away from smashing my head onto my coffee table and ending my suffering, instead of doing that, I decided that the game crapped out it’s final glitch and ended my time with it, permanently. Pressed the PS button, quitted the game and deleted the vile save data from my HDD. I wasn’t angry, far from it, just annoyed and disappointed at Bethesda somehow riddling such an awesome game with so, so many bugs.

It’ easy to overlook most of the glitches, because Fallout 3 is such a wonderful, incredible game. I sank over a hundred hours into that game, and loved every minute of it. After MGS4, and without a shadow of a doubt, it’s my most loved game of this generation, but that does not give it the excuse to simply stop working like that. I understand Bethesda made a game of epic proportions, and bugs are to be expected, but one so severe that it destroys your chance to play it? Sorry, truly, but in this generation, with the massive budgets and awesome technology, that should simply not be a scenario. I love to think that as a gamer, I deserve better and expect, at least, a game that works till the very end.

After a deep, calming breath, a nice glass of fruit smoothie, the next logical step in my Fallout 3 purification was to delete the game data. I thought it would be good to check how much space I would free up and went to check my system space.

(not me,btw)

Less than a gig, my jaw dropped, here’s me thinking that I still have four gigs free. My mind pondered about all of the possible reasons where those four gigs went. ‘CLICK’, a light turned on top of my head and on inspection of my music folder, realized that, idiotically, I forgot that I transferred my music collection onto my PS3. There and then I decided to upgrade my PS3. So, off I went to the internet, and placed an order for my future HDD.

Little text, lots of pictures time:

The new kid on the block. 320 gig, awesome!

The Oldtimer, like a certain bearded samurai here on Dtoid (JK, much love Jimbo)

My reaction after trying, very unsuccessfully for over four hours, to change the HDD. At that point, I decided that I’ll just go to a guy I know who owns a computer shop, and let him deal with the confounded screws.

52 inch HDTV,YES

Favorite theme redownloaded, YESSSSSSSSS


Sadly, the PS3 only recognizes up to three hundered gigs, and then uses 20 or 30 gigs for it's own use, guess you can't win them all!

Now here’s a song that says just how happy I am, hope you like:

Daft Punk-Crescendolls

Have a nice day/night, guys/gals :)

P.S Sorry for not replying back to any comments, I'm probably be asleep when this is published, thats how tired I am.

Hi there ladies and gentleman, apologies for not being able to do a Dtunes post yesterday, there was some unfortunate ’personal circumstances’, that prevented me from writng a post. However, luckily those circumstances are now seemingly going away and we can crack on with the show.

First of all, thank you to all of the people who suggested songs, because now I can improve my post by delivering to you, the community, more music to sink your teeth into. I know it is quite a personal thing to ask for suggestions for this particular theme, seeing as we all went through a difficult time in our lives. The last thing we want to do is to dwindle on those times. So, to see multiple suggestions was actually quite nice and encouraging to see.

Today will showcase the talents two bands, both great, but one of them can be considered much more than that. Yes, today will feature The Killers, but also the hugely influential Joy Division.

Joy Division-Disorder

There really is no point even going into detail about the band, we all know who they are, what music they have done and of course, that the lead singer, Ian Curtis committed suicide. So, just listen to the startlingly beautiful song and appreciate just how incredible Joy Division still are. Oh, and they are English, *wink*

The Killers:

First formed in 2002, The Killers have achieved remarkable success in the past seven years. They formed shortly after the lead singer, Brandon Flowers, decided to leave the band he was currently in and move to LA. There he met a Warner Bros. music executive, then approached and gained the other band members.
What’s so unique is the actual sound of The Killers, being a short term fan of their work, I was astounded at what they offered as a band. From Synthpop to alternate rock, punk revival, and of course, new wave, they do have an extensive repertoire of musical styling’s. In my personal opinion, they manage to mesh and use these styles effectively, especially on Some One Told Me.

Interestingly enough, it can be said that the band has a strong influence from Joy Division, the name of the band is from a New Order song,( the band consists of the surviving members of Joy Division), and have done a cover of the song Shadowplay, which is available online. Some of the songs they produced have been favourably compared to the style that Joy Division. The band also has strong ties with England, they were first signed to an indie music label over here called Lizard King records, are fans of the country itself, and have gone on record as saying that they prefer playing here over anywhere else. Durng the release of Sam's Town, my college experienced 'The Killers' mania and nothing but thier album was dicussed for a good two weeks. They have released four albums so far, the last two being released just a year apart.

The spotlight was planted firmly on the band with the release of Sam’s Town, which managed to reach number two on the US billboard chart, and the single ’when you were young’ reached number two in the UK singles chart. The album landed them multiple awards and managed to shift a million copies in three months.A total sales figure for JUST the two first albums stands at a whopping twelve million. They are currently working on thier next album.

The Killers - Read My Mind

The Killers - Joy Ride

As always, suggestions are welcomed and needed, have a good day/night people. :)


Hi there ladies and gentlemen, because Ron wants to enjoy his life a little better and concentrate on other things for a little while, he has asked me to fill in for him for Dtunes for the week. So, hopefully I will be able to at least, do a satisfactory job of this and, fingers crossed, provide a great community service.

The theme for this week I originally intended was music you, the community, thought can be classified as art. However, due to a massive, unfortunate event in my life, the result being the person I loved the most walking out of my life, I felt it needed to change.

No, this week is not Emo songs, rather the theme for this week is songs that helped you in your darkest hour. With the economic crisis, rising gas and electricity bills, higher fuel costs, crappy weather, increasing living costs and the fact that the world we live in will probably end before our children die, it’s not hard to feel very ’down’ all of the time. So, this week will concentrate on songs that helped you get over, or through, very difficult period(s) of your life. Be it break ups, loss of a loved one or loved object, failure, heart break, or even, a song(s) that reminds of the happiest times of your life, I’ll leave the decisions in the safest hands possible, your’s!

Do note that if I am able, I will use as many suggestions as possible, so fire as many as you want. This is a community service, and I will try my utmost best to make sure your time spent reading this is worth it.

Now for this week first band and song.:

Today’s song is ‘Just a phase‘, (album Morning view) , from Incubus. Incubus was first formed in the early 1990’s, with three of the current members all meeting in each other in high school which were the years between 1991- 95. So it could be said that they were ’born’, as a band, during the grunge phase in rock. Though adhering to this style for a number of years, they successfully managed to ‘shed’ that music image and pushed themselves firmly into the musical styles of metal/heavy rock band. In fact, the band is well-known for their ability to evolve there musical styling’s after each album release. The wikipedia article states them as having an ‘eclectic sound’. Most of the early songs could be seen as non conformist and focused of the style of metal/heavy rock.

So, after a number of years performing songs and making albums such as ‘Make yourself’, Incubus again decided that their music style needed to be changed, so out went the harsher tones and a softer, more mature sound was born. It seems that 2001 was the year in which Incubus decided to reveal their current, if not best, music style. In one album alone they managed not only to change what music they did, but also to change their entire musical style. Arguably, they became the most ‘sensitive’ rock band on this earth, employing an emotional, heartfelt and intelligent angle to their songs. As, In 2001 we saw Morning view, an very optimistic album which gave the first indication of their new found sound. Then A Crow Left To The Murder, a slightly more darker, but nevertheless optimistic album, in 2004. In 2005, not only did they release their only album that reached number 1 in the US, but my favourite Incubus album to date, Light grenades. I won’t talk about the album, just suggest that those of you that have not listened to it, please do so.

‘Where are they now?’ You may ask, well it is reported that they will work on new material this year and, hopefully, we’ll see a new album next year.

So, without further ado, the song that helped me though one of the worst weeks of my life:

Incubus- Just a phase


P.S: Yup the inspiration for the theme title came from the song, also, what do you guys think of the post?

Now, despite Tyra being the biggest that fails since the recently departed Reaprar, and the mother of so many, many memorable gifs such as:

Zombie Tyra (as seen in Left 4 Dead)

Mrs Tyra Pacman

Guitar hero: Tyra Banks edition

Dance stage Megamix: as perfomed by Tyra and a right fucking weirdo:

It's easily forgotten that there is a different side of Tyra, dare I say, a sexier side

I present to you sexy Tyra banks:

Oh and if you make Lord Tyra angry, her fierceness will MAKE YOU SHIT YOUR PANTS:

Like, OMG!!!!

Happy Tyra Tuesday!

2:12 PM on 12.01.2008

As I person who is still is wary of the rise of digital distribution, I was not very sure of STEAM. I prefer holding a physical copy of the game, not for materialistic purposes, but for the fact that it is, currently, a lot more secure than downloading a game, with the PSN store, once you delete a game off of your hard drive, you only have a further four downloads left of that game, of course that does no happen with a physical copy of a game, well not yet. Add to the mix the fact that if your hard drive decides to ’crap out’, you lose all of your downloaded games, at least with a physical copy of a game, losing it does not mean that you have to worry how many times it can be re-installed. Sadly, with the recent controversy with DRM in Spore, that security can now be seen to be dissolving. I DO use the PSN store a lot, but can’t help feel a little apprehensive when I do, anyways, onto what I thought of the store.

Indeed, we have all heard the praises of STEAM, and the way in which many, many PC gamers use it because it is actually a download service that does not screw you over with draconian DRM, well in most cases, I was pleasantly surprised when I first entered the online store.

Everything was presented very well, and the games, demos, videos on offer was extremely easy to access. What I liked the most was the ease in finding a particular genre of game. Rather than the store exposing you to a mass of different screens in order to get to the ‘Adventure’ section of games, a list of genres is conveniently situated on the left side of the screen. As a long time user of the EU PSN Store, I found this amazing! Sadly, the EU PSN Store requires you to traverse a number of screens before selecting the type of game you are after, and in all honesty, it becomes grating after an extended period of use. Yes the PSN store is decently presented, but the STEAM store is very, very well executed.

That’s enough criticizing of my beloved PS3’s online store, onto the games that Steam offers. In all honesty, I was not expecting the store to have many games. Knowing that Steam works hand in hand with Valve, I thought I would see a whole lot of special deals to do with all the ‘official’ mods, games and multiplayer mods that Valve created. Indeed, the number of special game deals, and bundles of games developed by Valve is substantial, but the number of games for sale made by other developers/publishers is staggering. Epic, Ubisoft, THQ, Bioware, 2K games, Infinity Ward, Eidios Interactive, and of course, the mighty Rockstar, it was a shock to see many big names in the gaming industry represented in one online store. I was overjoyed to see so many great games, the Unreal series, both Max Paynes, X-COM, etc. STEAM did a great thing by attempting to partner successfully with so many different developers. The number of games available easily goes into the hundreds. The best thing was, many of the games I saw I remembered from years past, a particular highlight being the incredible GTA 2 I last played when I was 12, so many, many great memories…..

After a good half hour of searching the store, I decided to download the demo of the oft-praised Audiosurf. What struck me the most, during the download process of all things, is the sheer speed of STEAM. I was at my best friends house with my laptop, and his internet connection speed is, quite frankly awful. Even with STEAM having to work with that awful, exceptionally slow speed, my download rate was hitting 150kbps easily, no other site I went on where you download media was that fast. Gamershell and Fileshack servers simply cut out when I tried to download demos off them, and with the few instances where they I did successfully connect with the servers, the download rate was painfully slow. Indeed, STEAM at least did get the download speeds to a satisfactory level, regardless of your internet connection speed. I can only imagine what the speeds will be like when I attempt to buy a game at my house.

Seeing as the demo has a limited amount of tries, I decided to do free mode once before attempting a ’proper’ level. I fell immediately in love with the game, the only way to describe the experience was 'euphoric', it was quite incredible ’playing’ your favourite music tracks on that game, (TIP: try ’My Foot’ by The Pillows for a jaw dropping 3 minutes of game play), before I knew it the amout of times I was allowed to play the demo was up! I decided to fully purchase the game, and been loving it EVER since. Audiosurf is a joyous experience, one that should enjoyed by every gamer out there. Next up I’m going to buy the awesome Max payne 2.

STEAM helped me break my fear of purchasing games online. I just hope breaking your STEAM cherry was (or is) as enjoyable as it was for me. Yes the fear of my hard drive 'crapping out' on my laptop IS still there, meaning I probably have to re-buy/install games purchased off of STEAM, but for once I don't really mind, at all.

SO what are you waiting for?? Go visit the store if you already haven't.

Ciao, for now..

(WARNING: WALL-O-TEXT, if you can‘t be bothered reading, no worries, go play video games, they awesome, really freaking awesome)

Hi there guys, I wasn’t planning on writing a 'serious' blog today, rather I was preparing to become a regular EU FNF hoster after a very long absence and enjoy gaming with my fellow Dtoiders once again. However in light of recent events, and the subsequent confusion among the community, I thought why not do this wonderful site a service and, hopefully lessen the anger, hate and frustration my fellow gamers are feeling right now, probably towards Muslims.

Let's address the main issue, the lyrics, quite frankly, it's absurd. Yes, it's true that the Qur’an says that teachings and sayings from it can't be used in media, however, this only applies to the context/type of media it's used in. An example:

I'm a porn producer, I want to make a porno, but different. To separate myself from the pack, I decide to commission a song, consisting of teachings from the Qur’an , and decide to put it my ‘film‘ as a backing tune. It works, and I get a ton of money , a ton of publicity, but also even more hassle.

According to Islam, what I’ve done is wrong, why? Well because I’m using the teachings in a derogatory manner. Simply, using verses or teachings in immoral stuff like Porn, movies which can be classed as offensive or something like a ‘pop’ song is wrong. Now though I agree with the porno example, the dilemma facing me and other modern, moderate Muslims is, what exactly is an offensive movie, and what can be seen as a pop song? Sadly, there is not any definitive answers, that’s why you see so much unneeded hate in the Muslim world, where the loudest, brashest and most hateful group , in recent times, have become the most listened to and most popular. We, as a collective, are sheep, blindly following religious zealots, due to the failure of our so-called religious leaders in providing an up to date interpretation of the Qur’an. Next time you see your Muslim friend in a dilemma linked to what I said above, blame our crappy leaders, who even say video games are evil. The laughable bit? There is nothing in the Qur’an itself about games, in fact, according to it, we as Muslims should actively seek out experiences that enrich our lives and do not cross the boundaries Islam sets, gaming has enriched my life beyond reason, and I hope it has done the same for you.

The beautiful thing about gaming is that it has given me the chance to lead a thousand different lives, visit a thousand different worlds and learn a thousand different things, all within the boundaries of the religion I believe in. So don’t believe Muslims when they ‘hate’ on gaming, they are wrong. Gaming has made me a better person, a better Muslim, a better Dtoider.

Back to the issue of the song/lyrics , let me point you to in the direction of Sami Yusuf. This artist does use material from the Qur’an in his songs, however he uses them in a fashion that can be interpreted as showing Islam in a positive light. In this case the context he is using the Qur’an in is okay, as he is not slating it, nor can he be seen as exploiting it. In fact according to my sister, he has a very good understanding of modern Muslim life. But as usual in the ’wonderful’ Muslim community, a lot of people hate him for using music to put out a message they fail at delivering on a constant basis, Islam really is a religion of peace. In the LBP case, this should be the very same situation, as a Muslim, I cannot see where a game, that promotes teamwork, has an active system to filter out and if necessary, ban levels that can be deemed offensive, uses a visual style that SCREAMS child-friendly, cuteness and focuses on creativity can possibly use the Qur’an in a negative fashion. I even listened to the song, it doesn’t exploit the Qur’an.

I can see the situation where an idiot decides to purposefully create an ‘offensive’ level and uses the song to get a rise out of Muslims, but isn’t that what the reporting feature is for? If I stumbled across the level, instead of suing Sony and making an ass out of myself, I’d just use the reporting feature, or if needed e-mail Media Molecule, who I thank for making such an amazing game. Sony is to blame for this situation, I’m sorry but they are a multi-billion dollar company, they should have known better and cut the song out, or a better situation, edit the damn song, heck I could do that in a matter of hours on my laptop. The game has been through multiple testing stages, and this whole situation stinks of a ploy to get more publicity, nothing else.

If you want to say ’fuck Islam‘, please don’t, instead, say ’fuck religious leaders’, they are the ones failing religion, and more importantly, failing us.

I hope this blog has been helpful, Destructiod community, any further questions, put them in the boxes below.

Ciao, for now.

p.s. sorry for the absolute lack of pictures.