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Mushman avatar 9:07 AM on 10.08.2009  (server time)
O Hai PS Home, how ya do....FREEZE

So, after waking up and deciding to take a dump for half-hour, whilst playing Phoenix Wright (I wanted to get up but my arse kept shouting OBJECTION!!! and making me sit back down, eating lots of meat makes for huge poopies) I decided to play on the PS3. I had free time and thought, why not take a quick spin of PS Home,

'What, are you that desperate and stupid, go fuck a donkey and /wrist yourself', might be the very thing running through your head at this moment in time. It's partially true to the is situation, I didn't want to have intercourse with a donkey, but I did want to /wrist myself after what happened next.

I booted up Home from the XMB bar and noticed it needed a update, oh cool I thought, maybe it's the one with the shrinking potion, and the game launching feature that makes Home dangerously close to being relevant. So after 30 seconds or so, the update was downloaded and I looked forward to shrinking my digital self, oh man, I was wrong.

Just after the press start screen, it froze on initialising, not even the XMB button worked, so a reset was in order. ‘Ok, just a minor hitch, let’s try that again’, went through my mind.

Initialising again………………………………. bam, froze, same gig, had to reset it.

I wanted to shoot demons with my boomstick at this point.

But, the third time, that was a doozy. The reset button didn’t work, even after a minute of putting my finger on top of it. Needless to say I was pretty worried, and thought I kinda bricked my PS3, but I had to turn it off and boot it back up. Luckily all my stuff was safe. At this point I decided pulling out my own eyeballs, cooking and then eating them were far more preferable to loading up Home and running the risk of wiping out my hardrive.

I have a 40 gig PS3, so maybe this issue is to do with the mode, or the crappy servers PS Home is on, regardless, be wary of installing the new update for it, I certainly don’t want other people putting up with the dire possiblilty of damaging your PS3 over Home.

Maybe you had the same problem, I dunno, but thanks for reading this heads up, now a song for y’all to enjoy:

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