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Mushman avatar 10:33 AM on 12.21.2009  (server time)
Congratulations Nathan Drake.

Despite the behemoth known as Modern Warfare 2 coming out this winter, sony's push of Uncharted 2 has paid off, with the game shifting 2.1 million copies before Christmas. A whopping number for a adventure game, but well deserved because of how awesome Naughty Dog has made the game.

Compared to Uncharted one's current life time sales, 2.8M, the sequel is expected to outsell it in January, shifting possibly over three million. Which is an amazing number considering the genre it's in.

As someone who picked it up today, I can see why it has got some much praise in the gaming press, and sold so well despite AC2 and Modern Warfare 2 coming out after it. I can say it is a brilliant game, but even that would be a understatement. It is not perfect, no game is, but nothing else comes close to providing pound for pound enjoyment and entertainment out of a video game.

Is it my GOTY? Not yet, I'll have to finish it, then give it the title. Nick Chester wasn't lying when he said U2 has one of the best single player experiences in gaming, ever.

Unless the talk of uncharted 3 already in development is speculation, I hope this news spurs Naughty Dog to start work on a fully current gen, 'proper', Jak and Daxter. I am a huge Jak and Daxter fan, and wished for years that Naughty Dog made a full scale, new, PS3 version.

Imagine the how it would look like with the Naughty Dog 2.0 engine at it's core? We can only hope!

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