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Mueti's blog

1:46 PM on 11.21.2010

A Pleasant Surprise: Gray Matter

I was unaware of Gray Matter until I looked it up after someone had mentioned the name to me after its release. I'm glad they did - it is an amazing game. Note that this is not a review, but merely me trying to get this game ...   read

8:37 AM on 01.27.2010

Dear Developers: Please Give Your Players Options!

So, Borderlands. I'm sure many of you have played it. Late to the party as always, I've just recently finished it with a friend; I went for the Siren, while his class of choice was the soldier. Overall, we definitely had a gr...   read

6:55 PM on 12.05.2009

Guild Wars. Or: Why People Are Important

What I basically wanted to do was to write about one of my favorite games ever. It's also seemingly pretty much unrecognized outside of the still very active (though by now dwindling) community. But then I came to think about...   read

6:52 PM on 12.05.2009

Visual Novels and How They Are (Not) Games

Ok. What I wanted to talk about in this post are visual novels. I will assume that most of you have not only never touched one of them but also have totally wrong preconceptions. Everyone who has never seen an Anime probably ...   read

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