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Hi, I'm Muddy Waterz. I'm 19 and I just moved to California. I spend most of my time working and going to college. The games that I like to play are mostly fighting games. Street fighter is my favorite but I'm willing to try others. I also like to play RPGs. I normally don't play them but over time I developed a taste for them. The first RPG that I played was Final Fantasy VIII and Ive been playing RPGs ever since. I also played FFXI on the PC for about 2 years (quit a long time ago) on the Remora world.

Favorite Games:

Sega Genesis:
1. Sonic 2
2. Street Fighter 2
3. Shinobi 3
4. Streets of Rage 2
5. NBA Jam
6. TMNT: Turtles in Time

Nintendo 64:
1. Zelda Ocarina of Time
2. Super Smash Bros
3. Mario 64
4. GoldenEye 007

1. Street Fighter Alpha 3
2. Marvel vs Capcom
3. Final Fantasy 8
4. Final Fantasy 7
5. Metal Gear Solid

1. Marvel vs Capcom 2
2. Street Fighter 3
3. Dead or Alive
4. Soul Caliber

1. Halo 1/2
2. Star Wars KOTR 1/2

Playstation 2:
1. Final Fantasy 10
2. GTA San Andeas
3. GTA Vice City
4. Metal Gear Solid 3
5. Shadow of the Colossus
6. NBA Street Vol. 2
7. God of War

Playstation 3:
1. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. GTA 4
3. Heavenly Sword
4. Call of Duty 4

Xbox 360:
1. Bioshock
2. Gears of War
3. Braid
4. Rock Band

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Here's a list of people who provide the voices of various video game characters.

Charles Martinet: I'm pretty sure most of you know who this fellow is. He also does the voices of Luigi, Wario, Wauligi, and Toadsworth.

John DiMaggio: The voice of Marcus Fenix from Gears of War 1/2. His other roles include Wakka and Kimahri from FFX, Migelo from FFXII, and Bender from the TV show Futurama.

Ikue Ōtani: The voice of Pikachu from the Pokemon series and Super Smash Bros.

Ryan Drummond: Voice of Sonic from Sonic Advance 3, and Sonic Adventure 1/2.

Nolan North: He is the voice of Nathan Drake from Uncharted and soon Uncharted 2. He also the voiced the Prince from in the newest installment of Prince of Persia.

Haley Joel Osment: He plays Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is also known for his role as Cole in the movie the Sixth Sense.

Hayden Panettiere: The voice of Kairi in Kingdom Hearts. She is also known for her role as Claire Bennet in the TV series Heroes.

Matt McKenzie: The voice of Auron from Final Fantasy X.

David Hayter: Last but certainly not least is the voice of Solid Snake from the Meat Gear Solid Series.

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