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Muddy Waterz avatar 7:49 PM on 01.02.2009  (server time)
Playing With Others: A Little Too Competitive

Out of your group of friends there is someone who always takes it too far. The one who yells after every touchdown or basket he/she makes. The person who glares at you whenever you win a round in a 2D fighter. The ass who smiles when you fail to win against them. They always want"one more match" when you beat them. I think we are all guilty of this at some point in our lives. I have to admit, I have fell victim to this terrible sin on numerous occasions.

As a kid I used to have Street Fighter 2 tournaments at my house with my friends from the neighborhood. Everything would go fine until the trash talking. It wouldn't be me who would start it, but I didn't help either. One person would keep winning and talking shit until fists fly. Somebody would get in trouble and the day is ruined, but we start over the next day the same exact way.

As the years passed and the games changed, the attitudes came with it. Another altercation happened while I was playing NBA live (enter year here) with my friend. I was getting my ass kicked by him repeatedly but I wouldn't give up. I would keep saying "One more game!" Each time we played I promised I would beat him, but it never turned out that way. The rage in me would rise with each failure. What bothered me the most was he would keep his composure with every insult I threw at him. So my anger would reach it's maximum level and I would leave like an asshole. The next day we would play again like nothing happened.

For those who suffer from this, here is a list of games that you may consider. (In bold for special

[Games that destroy friendships]

1. 2D fighters (Street Fighter's, Marvel vs Capcom, Capcom vs SNK.)
2. 3D fighters (Tekken, Soul Caliber's, Dead or Alive, Super Smash bros?)
3. FPS's (COD4, Halo, Counter Strike.)
4. TPS's (Gears of War.)
5. Sports games ( Madden, NBA live/2k, NHL, MLB and so on.)
6. Racing Games ( Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, Mario Cart)

[Games that will tame the beast]

1. Co-op Beat em ups (Streets of Rage 2, Ninja Turtles: Turtles in time, Castle Crashers.)
2. Strategy games (Civilization, Command and Conquer, Starcraft)
3. Board games
4. Wii games? (Wii fit etc.)

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