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Despite having posted nothing for a little while, I have been playing some games (including two new ones) and have decided to start adding other games retrospectively - my current list makes it look like I've only recently stumbled upon the existence of video games, this really isn't the case.

Whilst I wouldn't label myself as a hardcore gamer (mainly because I suck at most games) I've owned a decent amount of consoles and computers in the and it would be nice to document some of the memories I had playing games as a kid. Also it'd bulk out the list so it's win-win.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I've actually managed to complete the first level of Super Hexagon!!! The sense of progression I get from this game is something I've never encountered, I literally couldn't scrape through the first few seconds before dying and now I'm 20 seconds away from completing the next level! It's a strange but very rewarding experience, also the music is fucking awesome, love how each level even sounds more mental!

Also I've managed to get far enough in Quantum Conumdrum that puzzles are now using all four "switches", meaning I no longer need to avoid the catchy theme tune in fear of it revealing what the last switch does! For the record it doesn't turn everything into penises like I thought/hoped it would (it would've made the theme tune a bit weird).

Onto the new games, the first one is Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires and yes I am a fan of Koei's Warriors series. Playing any Warriors game is like putting on a old familiar blanket made of ancient Chinese generals, every incantation of the series I've played since buying DW4 is exactly the same. Sure there's a graphics upgrade here, a new character there but under the hood it's always the same - and it's not broken so why would they change it? This franchise must be the only one in existence that has told the same story in each sequel, you know you'll begin by fighting the Yellow Turban Rebellion and will later be chasing Dong Zhuo around a burning Capitol, but I don't care! Beating the shit out of thousands of soldiers is so cathartic in a way (although I admit it can get very repetitive) that I'm not bothered about the story being the same, if anything it breeds a warm sense of familiarity.

I do prefer the Empires games as they add some strategy as well as the ability to form your own dream team, but it also adds that much needed challenge that most Warriors games lack. They're all very easy games, even on the harder difficulties you'll have little problems provided you've beefed up your character, Empires has thrown some tougher fights at me and I'm very grateful for it. The Create A Warrior mode is awesome, I'm very nerdy about this as anything I create will be given a Chinese sounding name to blend in, nothing more dumb than fighting an epic battle alongside Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and... EpicBrave3345 or some other shit. There's an option somewhere that allows the game to upload other people's creations (similar to Dragons Dogma's pawn system), so far I've fought a general called DAVINA (why all caps?) and luckily no more, next game I'll be turning this off as it does make the battles seem a bit shit to me; it was the same in Dragons Dogma, I named my pawn something sensible and then I bump into this cheery elf-like dude called "My Ninja" (it didn't say ninja)... its not a conventional fantasy setting name but admittedly it made me laugh a small amount. Yes I am aware this is a dumb thing to be annoyed over, don't you judge me.
I am loving this currently, still on the first play through but I've taken over most of china, only a matter of time before I'm viewing the ending.

The other game was an IPhone one called Vector. It looks like a low-res Mirrors Edge game, full of free running, some story about the masses being forced to conform etc. I only got it as it was 69p so I didn't expect much, turns out its pretty good! It's fucking hard though, a few levels have needed several retries, but again the challenge is gratefully received. At one point it reminded me of Another World, they play nothing alike but one level's ending really reminded me of it. Weird.
Realistically Vector won't hold my interest for much longer (it's a mobile game after all) although it appears that more levels are due soon via updates, so I may well return...

Anyways, here's the list now:
New Star Soccer
Sleeping Dogs
Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires
Quantum Conumdrum
Max Payne 3
Super Hexagon
Motorstorm Apocalypse

Hey, I've nearly got enough for a top ten!

Whilst I do like Empires it hasn't taken over my life like Skyrim & New Star Soccer did (and sill does), also I've put it lower than Sleeping Dogs because that game surprised me in how awesome it was whilst Empires just played exactly how I expected it to. This is no bad thing of course, but being pleasantly surprised is always better.

Vector ranked higher than Motorstorm because I've actually played it longer! Racing games really aren't my thing and I actually rate Vector. It doesn't beat Super Hexagon, although they're actually similar in a way, when I beat that level on Hexagon I actually celebrated by yelling "That's fucking right, you fuck!". Few games can move me to exclaim that... maybe Super Meat Boy, but I'll get round to that laters.

That's it for now, I'm due to play new games soon as I've got most of the PSN Plus ones to go through, also I recently unearthed my wife's old PSP, it was missing a battery and charger and I've bought both off EBay - hopefully soon I'll be able to pick up some PSP RPG's! Also I'm going to compete Max Payne 3 soon which will a) make me reconsider it's place on the list and b) allow me to return the game and rent something else (I rarely buy games).
Be on the lookout soon for some older generation stuff too!

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