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10:29 AM on 02.22.2013

I fucking love making lists. This is a very mundane thing to declare, but it's also the truth! The best part about it is that currently I am in my element, because wherever I look someone has thrown up a list of something; the Internet is full of top tens (some useful, most incredibly irrelevant), sports lovingly list teams and players up against each other for easy comparison, even shows on tv like to list stuff (I recently watched "Top 100 Toys Of All Time", Lego was top. Not Stretch Armstong's nemesis Vac Man as I had predicted).

It is video game lists that I love the most however, whether they be defined by genre, system, year or simply theme ("Most Japanese", "Most Offensive" or simply "Shittest" are examples) I genuinely enjoy reading other's opinions compiled in an easily ranked format. The only problem I have with most of them is that they're wrong as they're not based on my opinions...

Pretext done, I'm gonna keep my objective clear and simple; I'm using this blog space to compile every game I play into one massive list. There's little reason behind it, except maybe that I rent a shitload of games and vaguely remember some of them, but I'm doing it anyways!

Before I start though here's a few things about the list:

- I'll be starting the list today so only stuff I've played from this point on will count

- As it's all based on my opinions I'll be changing the order of the list whenever I want to. Nyah.

- almost all the games will be on Xbox, PS3 & IOS, I don't play much PC

- This list could end up being really short lived, it all depends upon how much time I have as how much I can be bothered to continue documenting everything

Anyways, to get the ball rolling, the first game I've played today is Max Payne 3... so here's the list:

Max Payne 3

There'll hopefully be more to come soon!

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