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MuRRaY avatar 9:10 PM on 08.30.2008  (server time)
It's Been A While...

So maybe I haven't been very active on Dtoid lately, however that may chance as the summer draws to an end. Finishing the MLG season off within the next couple of months, I have more time for school and gaming (work is overrated!).

A few friend's of mine are running a 72 hour gaming marathon which is currently in progress, looking to make some money for the kids with the Child's Play charity. Be a lad and watch them as they get drunk, play video games and just enjoy whatever you throw at them.

The glory that is Gamefly has taken over my life as I have never enjoyed gaming so much. Being able to enjoy some time with Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Battlefield Bad Company, and soon Mercenaries 2 is awesome. Expect many more reviews soon as I step back into the general console gaming area to throw my two cents into everything gaming.

For now, I'm gonna go steal some gold from the mercenaries and hit up some achievements while I'm at it ;-)

F.Y.I. If you would like to add me on XBL then go ahead and add my GT on the right side of the page. Just be sure to send a message as to where you found my GT (a.k.a. MLG, GotFrag, GameSpot, Dtoid, etc.)


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