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MuRRaY avatar 10:53 AM on 04.23.2008  (server time)
GTAIV Couldn't Hold Out For Long...

With only a week until the release of GTAIV, many people thought that Rockstar had done a fantastic job keeping the insider information at bay, not even showing the public any game play footage at all to further build the hype.

As of today, there are videos circulating everywhere with game play footage by a certain individual who received the game early. Now many are wondering "So we can see how the game looks, why care?"

Well, that's not all that has been done. Aside from all of the hype being exposed to the fans, the game has reportedly been uploaded to torrent sites. Yup, that's right! Those with modded systems will be able to play the game for free before any of us paying fans even see the game on store shelves!

That's a total pain in the arse, considering many of us have held out so long by only eating what Rockstar has fed us. I would understand a couple of people getting a copy from work (hey, I worked at GameStop before so I know about that) yet this is overkill.

If you want to release torrents, at least be fair to us fans and release them on the day of release @ 12am.

Anyway, it's about 5 days until the morning of April 29 and the hype is now larger than ever. After seeing quite a bit of the soundtrack (and being a classic rock fan) I have begun to fall in love with this game even more. Joe Walsh (of Eagles fame), Elton John, Queen, Pink Floyd... what more can I ask for in a game soundtrack.

I know exactly where I will be one week from Tuesday, in front of my TV gettin my GTA on.

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