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MrTibbs avatar 8:53 PM on 11.18.2013  (server time)
I Done Goofed.

I recently wrote a shitty blog about skinheads and I just have a few clarifications that I want to make.

(Yeah it's kind of a shitty blog and I wrote it pretty quickly which is why it's so broad and generalising, my bad.) 

Within the article the use of the term skinheads refers to the UK definition, where it means bigoted hooligans who carry out petty acts of violence/vandalism with a very specific look AND THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS politically motivated extremists, in fact they are usually barely even politically aware. Neo-Nazi and Skinhead are two very different terms, I never insinuated that they weren't and I have no idea where this confusion is coming from, a cultural boundry, perhaps? (I think the term white trash is more appropriate, as 'Chav' would mean even less to a state side audience, I'm not sure).

I wrote this primarily because of the time me and my ex-boyfriend where chased by skinheads and the fact that ever since then I've had trouble being able to invest in characters who bare a resemblance to a group of people who are quite a real threat in my place of living. I try to be open minded about it but the combination of them and violence makes it harder. That's all I wanted to say really, that and it's kind of dumb when everyone looks the same.

Obviously it didn't come across that way because I didn't want to soak my article in personal drama but that's what skinheads/chavs/hooligans or whatever you wanna call them do in my town, which is why I don't like that look in games or anything for that matter.

I'm glad I had this lesson, it'll teach me to provide more context in future, but it's still a little defeating to have so many people tell me my opinion is wrong when it's based off of something very real that happened to me.

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