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3:18 PM on 05.01.2009

21 things you might not have known about Bioshock 2


For those still here, enjoy, discuss, etc.

21. 2k Marin has confirmed multiple characters from the first game will be back in Bioshock 1. Given that the list of characters not suggested to be dead by the end of Bioshock 1 is fairly small, that does somewhat narrow down who we will be seeing.

20. Bioshock 2 will retain the 1940's music that the first game used so effectively and Gary Schyman will once again be composing the score. According to developer Hogarth De La Plante "The same composer [Garry Schyman] is doing the score, and we’re still figuring out our license and music situation, but it’s going to be all period [1940s] music"

19. You will meet unspliced characters and develop meaningful relationships with them. At various points in the game you will have to make moral choices regarding their fate which will affect the course of the storyline. According to an interview with PC Gamer UK magazine you will have “strong and unforgettable encounters with unspliced characters that you can develop genuine empathy for”.

18. The splicers view Jack, the main protagonist from Bioshock 1, as a messianic character who rescued them from Andrew Ryan. There is even a religious debate going on as to which of the endings Jack took, opening the door for players to view either ending potentially as the canon one.

17. You will fight the Big Sister at various points throughout the game as you adopt/harvest new little sisters but these are not just scripted defeats. It is actually possible to defeat her. Doing so will unlock unique rewards and is likely to affect the storyline in interesting ways.

16. There will be multiple endings once again and there will be more nuance to them than the binairy choices offered at the end of Bioshock 1. According to Jordan Thomas "This time around the decisions centered around Little Sisters have a Little Sister-centric component of the ending. Meanwhile, the decisions you make on the adult characters, the more grey characters, who may tempt you in different ways, affect the ending on a more adult axis."

15. All of the plasmids from the first game will be back in Bioshock 2, even Hypnotize Big Daddy. There will be new ones as well, but the developers have yet to reveal any details on them.

14. Vita-chambers are back. It is unclear how the player character will have access to them. In Bioshock lore the vitachambers were tied to Andrew Ryan's genetic frequencies. They have been tweaked to make certain parts of the game more challenging though. Big Daddies will be healed if you are forced to use a vita-chamber in the middle of a battle.

13. Hacking is back and will be improved. It is not clear what will be done to improve it but hacking was one of the most criticized elements of the first game so any improvements are welcome.

12. The multiplayer aspect of the game promises to be uniquely Bioshock. Again, according to Thomas "I don't think it would be BioShock if the multiplayer experience didn't live in the world in some way. I can't really give you much more than that. It's just not ok for us to be like 'oh yeah, we just put a splicer skin on some other game.' It really does have to be Rapture."

11. After you adopt a Little Sister and she has maxed out the amount of ADAM that she can harvest, the player either has the option to harvest her in the ultimate act of betrayal or you can get her to a vent to get different non-ADAM rewards from Tenenbaum.

10. The game will be not just be a straight sequel but will also have prequel elements, possibly in the form of flashbacks.

9. In addition to the traditional Bouncer and Rosie there are new Big Daddy types in Bioshock 2. According to there will be "surprising variations you haven't seen before".

8. When the Big Sister brought Little Sisters back to Rapture, it created an all new wave of people splicing up for the first time. In addition to these garden variety splicers, there will be elite splicers that have survived the full ten years since the first game that developers have referred to as apex predators. These super-splicers will supposedly be able to go toe-to-toe with even a Big Daddy such as yourself.

7. Developers have acknowledged that the second half of the first game was too easy. "I think we realised that in some ways at the end of BioShock 1 was a little bit too easy for some players, and that’s something we’ve talked about for a year."

6. In one of the videos on IGN it shows a sequence where the player is walking underwater and looks through a window. The area he can see on the other side of the window is the Kashmir restaurant, an area from the first stage of Bioshock 1.

5. In the same video you can see an audio diary on the ground at 1:30. The developers have said that they want the underwater sequences to be a time to relax, listen to audio diaries, and take in the beauty of Rapture.

4. In the preview video at Gamespot, the developers talk about how the plasmids take on completely different properties as you upgrade them. The mention how incinerate 1 is the traditional "snap your fingers and immolate" that we all know and love. Incinerate 2 is a huge fireball that effects a large area of enemies and incinerate 3 is a constant stream of flame that is ridiculously powerful. Cyclone Trap can be combined with different plasmids when it is upgraded.

3. Some wise philosophers believe that there is strong evidence to suggest that the Big Sister is a character mentioned in Bioshock 1: Masha Lutz.

2. According to Gameplayer "Andrew Ryan is set to return, Thomas declined to tell us in what capacity." Whether this means we will see Ryan in flashbacks, audio diaries, or as living character remains to be seen. However, in a different preview Thomas stated that "Andrew Ryan is dead."

1. Big Sister is not the main enemy in Rapture. The preview at reveals that "Someone else is pulling the strings behind the scenes."

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8:15 PM on 02.07.2009

Dead Rising 2 trailer seems to be the real deal, according to Capcom

Not officially confirmed, but it looks to be pretty legit, so enjoy. it shows a variety of new locales, mostly focusing on Vegas, and the virus seems to have spread around the world.

most notable is the casino area, and a Gladiators Style rollball.

so who's as stoked as I am to cover more wars?   read

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