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Thank God, i'm really happy that this is untrue, lets hope it's at most 1600

Well this may be the news we were all waiting for or it may be just another rumor. The folks at Game Rankings seem to think CC will drop on 9/30/2008 link

I have no idea whether or not this site is reliable so don't blame me if it's bad info.

Mark your calenders.

well this confirms what we all thought Old people are going to develop Banjo Hero for the wii!

That is all

I leave you with one of my favorite bands of all time Streetlight Manifesto

I downloaded this last night and I was really impressed with this software. It is amazingly intuitive and can be learned within a matter of minutes. This is my first creature and I pretty much maxed out what I could put on my Iron Dinosaur (still working on a name). He is sporting 2 mouths thats right two! two sets of horns one on the nose one one his knees. Just for fun i threw on two of those things that can be used to spit and some spikes on his back.

This has put my expectations for this game over the top. The only thing to stop me from getting this game is if EA fucks it up with DRM. I look forward to people posting the non goatse/phallic creatures. So what do you guys think.

1:37 AM on 06.19.2008

Ok this is really dumb but it's all i can think of.


It was recently announced that Jack Thompson will be disbarred. This is a huge loss for gaming. Yeah... that's right and here's why, instead of having a lawyer crazier than the animaniacs Jack's role may be filled by someone who knows what they are doing.

So I think we should all stop celebrating Jack's loss and start worrying, since the enemy you know (at least in this case) is better than the one you don't know. Jack may be replaced by a reasonable and articulate lawyer. I have to believe that this will be the case since Mr.Thompson is a special type of crazy.