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1:09 PM on 10.27.2007

Manhunt 2: Too gory? (Or just too gory for Wii?)

A lot of people I know, most of them grown men who play lots of violent games, consider this game to be a bit too much. I've been watching these videos, and I agree it's a little excessive - however, by the same token, it looks like all this gore is attached to some pretty entertaining, and quite deep gameplay. I know i'm looking forward to it.

I fear that with Nintendo's install base being primarily composed of -very- casual gamers, this sort of thing just might not sell that well. Even being the Wii fanboy that I am, I recognize this. This could be catastrophic for "mature" games like this, or maybe more adult-oriented games in general on Wii, because third-party developers and publishers could interpret this as an indication NOT to produce "hardcore" or "adult" games on the console. OTOH, everyone and their brother has a PS2, including people who like this sort of thing.

Admittedly the Wii's attach rate is terrible, so I think this game might do more harm than good to the Wii's software library, which is already seeing a huge trend of childish, or "family-oriented" games as opposed to a more diverse library.   read

9:44 PM on 10.26.2007

Wii-Condom review.

Or, Wii Remote Jacket if you prefer. In case you're living under a rock, this is a free accessory that Nintendo has released to cushion the Wii Remote, to prevent it from destroying things. In reality, I don't think it'll satisfy in this regard, but it seems to make the Wii Remote easier to hold. it's less likely to slip. Also, I'd imagine if it actually does hit a person (not a TV, it'll still break that.) it'll hurt a lot less. You can request up to four for free. If you care at all about ergonomics (even if you don't care about safety) you owe it to yourself to click a couple of buttons and get some. Why the fuck am I reviewing this? Because it's awesome, and it deserves recognition. That is all.

Where I work, there's these Wii Remote gloves that are being sold for $10, I can't help but think how annoying it must be to try to sell those after Nintendo gives a far superior one away for free. I'm guessing they'll never sell them, and they'll end up in a landfill like those Atari ET cartridges.   read

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