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MrNiceguy's blog

12:47 AM on 03.04.2010

Something that's important

There's something that's been bugging me... and I am not quite sure if it'll leave me alone unless I do something about it.
The thing that has been bugging me is the capitalistic system and this economy.
Whenever someone becomes rich by trying hard and taking actions everyone just stands around and admires him... Saying I am going to be like him.
but the thing that they fail to realize is that... there's only a certain amount of money in the world and it's circling around.
The thing is... for someone to make a profit, someone else has to buy/or give money to him and lose profit.
If someone's a millionaire... there's bound to be a couple dozen guys that's homeless because of him.
Do you get what I am saying?

We all can't be rich... and the rich is basically feeding off of the "have nots". they're looking at them like the enemy.
A country like America is fine for now... but there's other countries that's far worse then us... like Korea and I've seen it.
It's hard to describe but... the economic landscape seems like it's affecting people's minds and not at all in a good way.
Trying so hard to get into a good college and to get a job... taking measly pay but still working.
Trying to provide for your kids... then when it's all said and done and you die, what kind of life is that may I ask you?
I mean what kind of a freaking hell is this?
The world shouldn't be this way... It's people that made it this way and as people we can change it back.
I've always thought of the world as a blank piece of paper and that people can fill it in in anyway they want to.
After it's colored in... it's hard to change back like a hardened steel, but we can do it if we apply ourselves.

Now some of you might say, nothing can't be perfect... but I am NOT asking for perfect, I am asking for something better. Not many get what they deserve in this world... and the world isn't fair but I just want something better for MYSELF and everyone out there that's desperately trying to survive. Working everyday brain dead without thinking about anything meaningful because there's no time.

Think of all the people that have suffered... in order for us to come this far... Just for those few that have it all... They couldn't do anything, they were powerless to do so, because in this world MONEY=POWER. They're using us while some of us don't even realize it.

The thing is... the government won't do anything about this, because all the people that have the power to do so ARE the ones that want to make the world this way.
They won't change because every freaking guy thinks they need more money even though they already have enough.
It's not human to miss something so large that's just staring at them straight in the face, they are IGNORING IT! and they are ignoring millions of people that are suffering...
They are using us... they are using human lives to empower themselves.

I do know that the Capitalistic system is the best that we had... compared to the past ideas but we CAN do better.

I mean am I the only one that's getting bugged by this? Living in this world trying to survive every freaking day while taking all the pain... and we die and it's all fucking meaningless.
Yeah this world is strengthening us... and making us colder... because were ADAPTING! but it's all for what...
I've seen it in other countries... and when the time comes and America's people become the same way...
Then it'll be too late... then it'll be too late...   read

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