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MrJunko avatar 2:54 PM on 04.11.2008  (server time)

I love you all! Whats up Destructoid?! Like the weird uncle that visits you every so often, Ive come around again. Not just to rant and talk trash. But to actually show some love to all of you.

Its been a pretty bad year, having some hardships, losing family members, as well as loved ones. 2008 just hasnt been my year. But you know what? Despite all the bad stuff that has happened, I keep coming back to this community. I dont post as often as I should, but just like Batman (who is awesome) I stay back in the scene, viewing everyones posts, rantings, complaints, and jokes.

Some of you might feel the same way, that shit just hasnt gone your way and to those I say FUCK THAT SON! take that shit and throw it right back at her face. Then promptly laugh at the fact life tried to bring you down. Never have I been part of an online community where I can sit here and say that all of you guys fucking kick ass. Im not gonna go into detail like blehman once did. But everyone here, no matter how little or long theyve been here have been genuinely cool people.

Im not drunk, Im not high, (it is FRIDAY though!) I just feel good. So Im spreading that like a venereal disease to all of you. And if I could Id buy everyone a beer, just to show my appreciation. And if you dont like beer..well, screw off I got no love for you...Im just kidding..but seriously...have a beer for me.

Just like Topher and his patented phrase, "Ready to Friday"

Lets Fucking Friday like no ones Fuckin Business!!!!

OH and one more thing, if your in the South Florida area and youve got nothing to do on Saturday may I suggest:
PPS: Since the name of the game is love today. Ill share my most recent creation as well:

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