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So this is the part where I pretty much give you a condensed version of who I am, what I like, what I listen to and all that other rubbish.

I like to draw, lots, I like it even more than eating (and living by myself and having to pay rent just goes hand in hand) Beer is awesome, DARK beer, none of this Corona/Miller/Budweiser/Coors piss water the majority of people drink.

Im an old school gamer, and by old school I mean I cashed my grandmas Social security check to buy me an Atari 2600. GANGSTAAAA!!

Oh and Big Poppa Gamers dancing asian chick icon/avatar doesnt help me concentrate on anything.
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Destructoid was an awesome community that was filled with gamers he enjoyed being around. There were a few haters, but for the most part there was plenty o' love.

I know, I'm some random guy most of you new members wont even recognize, but I was around when Bahamut would post random garbage, spew his two cents, and everyone laughed. I continue to laugh at blehmans posts about long cat, and sometimes wish other old school peeps like Rocvillan and Kingv3bo would post more often. I dont know, memories I guess.

Ive noticed in the recent months (years?) it seems like more and more people are being hostile and just criticizing the dudes reviewing games, or anything really. All Im saying is that the new generation (Im sounding like a geezer) needs to just sit back and see things from another perspective. Just because you dont see the point of view of some individuals, doesnt mean you gotta bash them. Youll learn that in life, shutting your mouth and listening to people and trying to see it from their point of view will help you out.

Anyway, this is just a short little rant from an old school member telling all of the destructoid community to appreciate what they got. Destructoids got one of the coolest staff, if I could buy em all a beer I would.

In conclusion, Destructoids gettin hate, and Im here to send a little love.

Thanks again for being fuckin awesome guys.

And now, for something completely different:

Not my work, a friend of mine just sent this to me and I thought too funny to not share with the rest of the Segal fans out there.

6:16 PM on 11.14.2008

Thats a crazy mix of Final Fantasy 7 winning theme. Trust me it kinda grows on you. If your into the hip hop that is. :D

So whats up everyons at my favorite game site? Fucking shit up hopefully.

Yeah Im probably gonna get lip for it not being a relevant blog, but Im just awesome like that.

Happy friday everyone

-passes around beers and cheers-

11:46 AM on 04.18.2008

So Ive decided that Im going to PAX this year. Ive also fooled..I mean...intelligently convinced, a few friends to join me. Now since this is my first trip to the promised land of video game conventions, I just wanted to know if anyone has gone before, and have any advice theyd like to give me?

Like which hotel is best to book, is everything within walking distance, do I need to rent a car, how much does a six pack of beer cost in Seattle, should I pack my gat or a switchblade, boxers or briefs, you know the deal.

Also if you guys want to meet up IRL LULZ!!! Hit me up, It would be awesome to hang with some Dtoid peeps at PAX.


Garbage Day

8:40 AM on 04.17.2008

Most people say that playing video games makes you violent. Or makes you lust for violence.

Maybe theyre right?

Im sorry I couldnt stop laughing at the second clip. Enjoy!

2:54 PM on 04.11.2008

I love you all! Whats up Destructoid?! Like the weird uncle that visits you every so often, Ive come around again. Not just to rant and talk trash. But to actually show some love to all of you.

Its been a pretty bad year, having some hardships, losing family members, as well as loved ones. 2008 just hasnt been my year. But you know what? Despite all the bad stuff that has happened, I keep coming back to this community. I dont post as often as I should, but just like Batman (who is awesome) I stay back in the scene, viewing everyones posts, rantings, complaints, and jokes.

Some of you might feel the same way, that shit just hasnt gone your way and to those I say FUCK THAT SON! take that shit and throw it right back at her face. Then promptly laugh at the fact life tried to bring you down. Never have I been part of an online community where I can sit here and say that all of you guys fucking kick ass. Im not gonna go into detail like blehman once did. But everyone here, no matter how little or long theyve been here have been genuinely cool people.

Im not drunk, Im not high, (it is FRIDAY though!) I just feel good. So Im spreading that like a venereal disease to all of you. And if I could Id buy everyone a beer, just to show my appreciation. And if you dont like beer..well, screw off I got no love for you...Im just kidding..but seriously...have a beer for me.

Just like Topher and his patented phrase, "Ready to Friday"

Lets Fucking Friday like no ones Fuckin Business!!!!

OH and one more thing, if your in the South Florida area and youve got nothing to do on Saturday may I suggest:
PPS: Since the name of the game is love today. Ill share my most recent creation as well: